2023 IID 🏆 Awards

Gold Winner | Covent Garden Apartments | Urban Soul Project

The apartments on Long Acre Street are in the heart of Covent Garden, one of London’s most culturally, socially and economically vivid areas. Due to its vibrant and lively character, Covent Garden is particularly attractive to professionals who visit the city for weekly or monthly stays, and would opt for a cozy apartment instead of a hotel.

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Gold 🏆 Winner
International Interior Design Awards 2023

Covent Garden Apartments
Housing Interior Built

Urban Soul Project

Irini Sgouridou

Design Team
Partners in Charge: Stathis Spyropoulos, Tasos Georgantzis, Maria Tsaftari. Design team: Aliki Varlamidi, Maria Koukoutsi, Efthimia Katsarou, Chrysanthi Kalafati, Christos Mellios, Lygia Chatzilari

London, UK

United Kingdom


The two adjoining buildings were initially separated by two walls. These were removed, the floors were redesigned, and thus eight fully furnished luxury apartments were created• for short or long term rental. An atrium that introduces natural light to the common corridor acts as the buildings’ core.

The first floor consists of three apartments; two studios overlooking Long Acre Street and a large apartment with a living room, a kitchen, a dining room, two bedrooms, two bathrooms, a guest room and a walk-in closet.

The second floor’s front part is similar to the first floor. At the back, we designed two apartments• one with an open plan living and dining room, open kitchen and one bedroom and a second one with two additional bedrooms in an attic.

The third floor consists of one apartment with three bedrooms and an attic. A crucial design element on this level are the skylights that help bring natural light in all spaces that open up to the sky, while removing structural boundaries.

Most of the very few partitions between the spaces are light constructions. Through that gesture we prioratised functionality• the materials and colors we chose help create minimal and luxurious spaces.