2023 IID 🏆 Awards

Gold Winner | Cruise Saudi HQ Project | Focal Buildings Solutions

Cruise Saudi Headquarters is located on the coast side of Jeddah topping the headquarters tower, the building is nothing but a poetic connection to the sea with its natural forms and waves. The nature of the location not only gives meaning to the design but also celebrates the very core of the company’s values and its overall vision. To conclude the space is a magnificent exposure to Jeddah.

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Gold 🏆 Winner
International Interior Design Awards 2023

Cruise Saudi HQ Project
Corporate Interior Built

Focal Buildings Solutions

Sara Batterjee

Design Team
Bushra Abu Madi – Mohammad Zuhair – Bashayer Al Jahdali

Saudi Arabia

South Africa


The project takes place at the 31st and 32nd levels of the headquarters tower with a total area of 1,829 sqm. The area for the 31st level is 874 sqm, while the area for the 32nd level is 955 sqm. FBS was following a cruise line interior as an inspiration by utilizing light wood selections and color schemes that reflect under-the-sea features that are toned down to be suitable for an office space. The main element that fulfilled the client’s requirements is the stairs that connect the ground floor with the Mezzanine floor. Usually in a cruise ship, the main circulation is designed to be a focal element thus we designed this staircase to be a focal element in the space. 

The design follows the cruise ship interior by utilizing curved lines in the ceiling and throughout the space. In addition, using materials such as wood in different forms. The colors are also inspired by the sea and its creatures. The staircase is the highlight of the space and is designed to be the focal element of the Townhall which is a space that hosts town hall meetings, celebrations of national day, and other events.  Usually in the cruise, the core of the ship has the main circulation which emphasizes the design thus we used this staircase to be the focal element of the space with its curvy lines and the wood finish.

FBS draws inspiration from the volumetric and the curvilinear aspects of the sea. More importantly, we pay close attention to RSCC Branding and core values to achieve a cohesive outcome. The overall approach focuses on highlighting the very elements of a cruise ship, its intricate elements, and its effects pursuing through sea waves, creating bow waves and ripples. We believe that by utilizing Curves as a subject of inspiration, we can achieve an organic flow that shapes the overall design. To conclude, we have condensed the maritime mood once more using transparent hues of blue and the warmth of wooden ships.