2022 IID 🏆 Awards

Gold Winner – Donglin Design Shared Club by Wuyi Design

Located in Linping, Hangzhou, China, the project is an interior design for the Aggregate Designer Shared Club. It is a non-governmental organization focusing on interior designers and design brands in Hangzhou. Its service covers the designers’ study and exchange, co-working, and the system construction of the design industry chain.

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Gold 🏆 Winner
International Interior Design Awards 2022

Donglin Design Shared Club
Commercial and Retail Interior Built

Wuyi Design

Man Chang

Design Team
Man Chang

Hangzhou, Zhejiang


©Song Ye

Inspired by the magnificent scenery of mountains and seas described in the ancient poem Viewing the Canghai by Cao Cao, the Aggregate Designer Shared Club reconstructs a dream-chasing stage exclusively for the interior designer group. Modernity and nature interact and coexist in the space where culture and art grow quietly. Facing Jieshi to the east to view the sea, the natural ambition resonates with the humanistic space to evoke a long-lasting experience of watching the sea.

The blank space connecting inside and outside becomes a must-stop on this mountain-climbing journey. The green plants in the end view bring inner peace. Let emotions settle in this cushion space.

The distance between the inside and outside blocks all the noise there. When everything is quiet,

it’s time to enjoy the wonder that comes with it.

The fireplace divides the space wisely, creating a contrast between real life and the virtual world. Between fiction and reality, Where there is no picture, there is a wonderland.