2022 UDAD 馃弳 Awards

Gold Winner | Dowell Fanmanting 路 TIME AXIS | DOWELL GROUP

This is a site located in a long and narrow residential community. The design condition of the landscape is limited due to the regular layout of the site and buildings. However, the designers decide to use straight line elements to run through the whole community, supplemented by the flexible design of rounded corners, to connect various activity zone in the normal block. In the limited site, we use the combination of various lines to break the regular dullness and create a vivid landscape with concise lines and different geometric figures. The whole-age activity venues and social spaces are integrated into the dynamic line of daily life, forming a series of interesting places full of rich experience.

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Gold 馃弳 Winner
Urban Design & Architecture Design Awards 2022

Dowell Fanmanting 路 TIME AXIS
Private Landscape Architecture Built



Design Team

Ningbo, China


漏Yang Liang, Zhe Xiang, Sun Shengxi

According to the research and analysis of whole ages in the community and based on the result of their various preferences, the park is divided into “one courtyard two axises and multiple gardens”, which are, respectively, Time Axis, Season Axis, Social Courtyard, Children’s Playground, and Sports Line. We hope that residents can experience the lifestyle of quality, green ecology and sports. Although the pandemic, the inner perfect facilities can meet their needs of outdoor recreation even 24 hours, without contacting with external unauthorized personnel.

Time Axis comes into view once enter from the main entrance. The design is combined with guided pavement along its ground, which is interesting walking on it and at the same time can split the axis into different function zones through various colors and shapes. At the same time, various kinds of plants, such as Chinese tallow tree, magnolia, camphor tree, beech, osmanthus tree, early cherry and so forth, are planted vertically for occupants enjoying four seasons鈥 changeable scenes the whole year and to improve the environment quality as well.

Social Courtyard, as an important node of the park, is a place for the neighborhood to communicate with each other. It is composed of a landscape porch and lawn, the view is all-round and perfect there. The simple, fresh lawn is a green, cozy oxygen bar for people to relax. Social Courtyard is a shelter for residents to strengthen neighborhood communication. Children’s Playground is dominated by vibrant orange, which means sunshine and health. The space is divided into several functional areas by geometric paving, which can be suitable for children aged 0~12 years. In addition, Sports Lines is embedded skillfully along the whole residential area, including whole-area runway, adult fitness area and elderly health garden, to offer suitable sports venues for people to enjoy a healthy life downstairs in their spare time. In terms of night atmosphere of the landscape, the outer suburb atmosphere is weakened by warm-tone lighting, which gives people a warm and inviting feeling. Limited space, unlimited fun, this should be it.