2022 UDAD 🏆 Awards

Gold Winner | Zhengzhou Sunac Longfu Urban Life Hall | MEDG

The project is located in the core area of north district of Zhengzhou, China. The design concept of pine is adopted to create an abstract meaning of space, creating an unbounded aesthetics of life in the limited space. The pines define each area and create an unbounded landscape and oriental artistic conception.

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Gold 🏆 Winner
Urban Design & Architecture Design Awards 2022

Zhengzhou Sunac Longfu Urban Life Hall
Public Landscape Architecture Built


Bin Zhou

Design Team
Bin Zhou, Qinglan Yang, Qiong Wang, Shiying Zhang

Zhengzhou, China


©Siyang Zuo of Orange Photography

Using the landscape design techniques of contrasting, leaking, and borrowing, the project adopts modern abstract landscape design language to enhance the experience of the scene. Stepping up the steps, the path is dotted with flowers and trees, and decorated with scenery stones. Passing through the corridor and the woods, the mottled light and shadow move lightly along the winding path.

Visual focus is created at the entrance to integrate the overall landscape, to extend the space, and to emphasize the welcoming sense of the entrance. A bright and ethereal atmosphere is built in the green space through dry landscape, black tallow trees, and sedum lineares.

The undulating grassy terrain, surrounded by mountains and rivers, among the shadows of the trees, is interpreted in different landscape atmospheres, which is flexible and beautiful.

The demonstration area uses pine to create an abstract meaning of space, creating an unbounded aesthetics of life in a bounded space. The project is like a picture scroll, where visitors can experience the beauty of life, and enjoy the leisurely modern urban lifestyle.