2023 UDAD 🏆 Awards


Dan Qing Landscape
The site is located in Guyuan, with profound temperament of historical and cultural of Qing Dynasty,has enriched veritable military town.The principle of design is to rebuilt an oriental space which containing the spiritual connection of local culture.The spirit of the space in interconnected within the charm of oriental culture and modernization.

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Gold 🏆 Winner
Urban Design & Architecture Design Awards 2023

Interior Design (Built)


Kun Chen

Design Team
Kun Chen, Wei Dong Chai, Xiao Yuan

Gu Yuan, Ning Xia Province


©Valley Vision, Zi Ming Zhong

Blending ancient,The glory modern

The accumulation of mountains and water preserve the ethos of this land. The heaviness of the mountain and the agility of the water are combined, just like the landscaping in Chinese classical gardens, condensing into the most essential inner spirit. The elegant utensils and furnishings, the unassuming colors are dotted with some bright colors, like the poetic and spontaneous flowers blooming in the ink landscape.

Entering the Garden with Poetry

From the reception hall, a journey to trace the memory of classical culture begins. The selection of colors creates brilliant atmosphere, with ink-like black in different shades, embellished with gold with outstanding texture, and the sparkle of red injects a strong classical atmosphere into the whole space. The images of landscapes, palaces and cranes are all in harmony with each other, creating a temperament that is luxurious but hidden between landscapes.

The bar area is more lively in color structure, bright orange and noble purple floral.The selection of calm marble and various forms of classical utensils shows the oriental charm of the space.

“In the beginning, it is very narrow. After dozens of steps, it suddenly becomes clear.”

Tea Party

In ancient times, there were elegant gatherings of banquets, and the water was flowing. Banquets, meeting friends, and chatting should not be overly restrained, casual and free. With such a spirit as the standard, an ideal space for modern people to chat with rich details is created.

The garden-like landscape outside the floor-to-ceiling windows makes people relax at any time. Rattan seats, elegant and delicate flower utensils, cranes flying on the roof, and an elegant artistic atmosphere blows.

Coming to negotiation area, the exquisite background paintings that came into view were handcrafted by Suzhou. The handmade delicate strokes and exquisite colors are unforgettable. The composition, line trend and imagery of traditional Chinese painting art convey the charm of traditional Chinese classical painting.

The room integrates the painting intention of ink and danqing into the space temperament. “A Thousand Miles of Rivers and Mountains” is praised by people for its unique touch of green. In order to echo this unique color, a new green was specially chosen to coordinate with it.

A grille screen encloses a world dedicated to children. Colorful books, interesting  comfortable environment, free learning and play, and the release of children’s nature.