2023 IID 🏆 Awards

Gold Winner | FinTech Saudi Project | Focal Buildings Solutions

An innovative hub for Fintech Saudi located in King Abdullah Financial District in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Fintech Saudi was initiated by the Saudi Central Bank in partnership with the Capital Market Authority to work as a catalyst for developing the financial services technology (fintech) industry in Saudi Arabia. FBS developed a design concept that celebrates high technology in an industrial setting based on the client’s needs and requirements.

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Gold 🏆 Winner
International Interior Design Awards 2023

FinTech Saudi Project
Corporate Interior Concept

Focal Buildings Solutions

Sara Batterjee

Design Team
Bushra Abu Madi – Muna Abushal – Mohammad Zuhair

Saudi Arabia

South Africa


The project’s total area is 1153 Square meters which hosts offices, community workstations, open and closed meeting rooms, brainstorming areas, recreational areas, and more. This project represents the design for employees’ health and well-being by creating spaces that are flexible and open with significant exposure to healthy natural light and improved air quality through a well-designed HVAC system. We designed spaces that support the design concept and created functional spaces that aim to connect employees together. In addition, created an environment for collaboration and learning to achieve employees’ high potential and goals.

One of the main features of the design that turned out very effective and successful is the two brainstorming areas found on the ground level. The first one is located on the left side of the building, and it connects the ground level with the mezzanine level. The other brainstorming area is located on the right side of the building, and it is in the center of the floor plan, open to the meeting room area and recreational area. The other feature that made the design successful is the use of many sound isolation techniques such as the 3-dimensional wall and the acoustical panels on the ceiling in several spots to ensure an effective and healthy workplace environment.  

To accomplish a successful and functional design that satisfies the client’s vision and requirements, FBS designed the fintech hub with an excellent level of communication and coordination between the client and the design team. Materials are selected to be sustainable with low maintenance to ensure durability and functionality. Furniture and lighting design are well-studied and selected to ensure the employee’s comfort and well-being. The design of the whole space reflects the high technology and industrial vibe that is carried throughout the office space.