2023 IID 🏆 Awards


Hongxing Jade | Luxury Stone Office Club”is designed by designer “E”. Besides the traditional exhibition hall, it come out with different. This office is part of the “Hongxing Jade | Luxury Stone Office Club”, directly relative to the exhibition hall, in the same time, it’s an independent space for display, office, reception and negotiation. In here, clients will get the visuality and space experience from the space and the luxury stones directly.

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Gold 🏆 Winner
International Interior Design Awards 2023

Commercial Interior Built


Churong Liu

Design Team
Churong Liu, Yunfei Xie

Yunfu City, Guangdong Province, China


©Cheng Liu

It was an old simple steel workshop

It was not an ideal space because of the spatial structure

That’s why

Designer are bolder to break the existing shape and space lines

It’s a test about the ability of space structure for the designer

Establish new in place of old

organized combine the existing shape of the original building with the new conceived space

Designer E creates a whole new stylish space while preserving the original building

designer E made an irregular big hollow on the slab of the second floor with diamond cutting curve.

The floors are connected by a spiral staircase

make the space more coherent and extended

The “flowing space”located in Yunfu City, Guangdong Province. The space integrate the traditional tea culture with modern architecture, blends and collides the straight lines with curves, creating a visuality of modernity and luxury. We inject the “Hongxing” luxury stone into this extreme simple and fashion space, create the additional luxurious, lead the luxury stone to a younger and modern style. The combination of space design and luxury stone is an upgrade to the product and the brand.

About the aesthetics of curves

Natural stone and nature, curves and nature.

Natural stones come from nature, from mountains, are unique natural curves.

Compare to the directly simple straight line, curve, as one of the basic forms of nature, it’s variability, plasticity, fluidity, and flexible. It’s a better way for the people to express beauty.

Variability and flexible curve bring the different feeling to the people. The famous architect Gaudí had said that “straight lines belong to man, curves belong to God.”

The reason why people feel the flow from the flowing space is, a lot of dynamic curves and diamond cutting curve are used in the design and modeling.