2023 IID 🏆 Awards

Gold Winner | Flying | Kris Lin International Design

This project is situated in Jiangyin City, located on the southern bank of the Yangtze River. Jiangyin lies at the core of the Yangtze River Delta Economic Planning Zone, the most significant economic development area in East China.

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Gold 🏆 Winner
International Interior Design Awards 2023

Public Building Interior Built

Kris Lin International Design

Kris Lin

Design Team
Kris Lin, Anda Yang




  1. Current Status and Challenges

The site is surrounded by numerous old factories and residential areas, lacking green landscaping.

The land area for the project is limited, and there is a lack of communal spaces for residents.

The project is transforming into a new residential community with a public activity center to expand communal spaces and improve residents’ quality of life.

III. Design Strategy

  1. Architecture Soaring over Water

The designer uses an integrated approach, combining architecture, interior, landscape, and engineering. The project skillfully incorporates elements of the Yangtze River with enclosed courtyards to enhance visual landscapes. Part of the building is elevated to create a suspended layer, expanding space and enriching community activities. The overall architecture resembles water birds soaring over the Yangtze River, with cantilevered structures adding dynamism. The exterior, made of white-gray aluminum and beige marble, extends geometric forms inside and out, merging spaces to create multifunctional areas.

  1. Exploring Architectural Details

Entering the city exhibition hall and ascending to a multifunctional area, this elevated space is supported by slender steel columns, with some columns extending into the water. Cantilever structures are widespread, reducing the heaviness of the structure and creating a sense of lightness and floatation. The central atrium enhances lighting, with a return-shaped ramp connecting lower levels, emphasizing spatial continuity. The interconnected multifunctional areas have an inherent artistic ambiance.

  1. Social Impact

The inner courtyard and suspended layers offer open and interactive spaces, aiming to make the community center a hub for communication and gathering, fostering family and neighborhood relationships, and becoming a key node for activating urban energy.