2022 GFD 🏆 Awards

Gold Winner | Haus am Petzinsee | wolff:architekten

On a rectangular plot of approx. 950 sqm near Lake Petzin in Geltow / Potsdam, wolff:architekten designed a cubic, reduced single-family house with a basement and 214 sqm of living space.

The core of the house is a two-storey air space, from whose ground-floor living and kitchen area a straight staircase leads along a central exposed concrete wall to the bedrooms and work areas on the upper floor.

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Gold 🏆 Winner
Global Future Design Awards 2022

Haus am Petzinsee
Residential Architecture (Built)


Roland Wolff

Design Team
Christian Klinski, Karen Haendschke, Consuelo Montaner

Schwielowsee / Geltow


©Johannes Armanazi

The generous spatial impression of the hall is contrasted with the restrained exterior of the building shell. The intensely detailed finish and the high-quality choice of materials underline the overall noble appearance of the house.

The garden and living area is connected by a glass façade that encompasses the entire living space. The glass façade is so detailed that it creates a step-free connection without frames or thresholds.

The core of an integrative energetic concept is the chimney located in the central position of the house. In the technical room directly below, there is a 1000-litre hot water tank that is heated by the wood-burning fireplace above. Circulation pumps distribute the heated heating water to the floor heating circuits on the upper floor and ground floor.

The building also has a central, controlled ventilation system whose heat exchanger achieves a recovery rate of 90%.
In average winter periods, the solar energy input in combination with the heat exchanger is sufficient to heat the house.

Summer thermal protection is provided by complete shading of all window elements by external venetian blinds.In summer, the supply air for the controlled ventilation of the living space is drawn in through concrete shafts in the ground, where cool air ends up in the areas in contact with the ground. The outside air cooled naturally in this way leads to a pleasant indoor climate even on hot days.

The garden is irrigated via its own well, which is also fed by the rainwater that seeps onto the property.