2023 GFD 🏆 Awards

Gold Winner – ITG GRAND MANSION PARK | Inter Design

ITG Grand Mansion Park covers an area of about 130,000 square meters, including about 40,000 square meters of commercial malls, 10,000 square meters of special commercial streets and 12,000 square meters of natural education parks, aiming to create a pleasant and comfortable vacation island.

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Gold 🏆 Winner
Global Future Design Awards 2023

Public Landscape Architecture (Built)

Inter Design

Haoxian Chen, Zhe Su

Design Team
Zhifeng He, Zewei Guo, Danjun Zheng, Jieyi Lai, Jinghai Luo, Yuekuan Chen, Wanting Meng, Yingfei Pan, Jianjun Dai, Binxing Tan, Junjie Luo

Project Location
Zengcheng, Guangzhou, Guangdong, China PRC


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The ultimate aesthetic resort “island” — vacation pool

Blue sky, sunshine, swimming pool, loungers, tropical plants…

In ITG Grand Mansion Park, the moment you return home, the vacation has already begun. The stylish and vibrant pool, rich and vibrant tropical plants and the pure and strong arch vouchers create the ultimate tropical resort atmosphere, leading the body and mind to escape the heavy burden of city life and come to the tropical island of vacation and be happy. The sunlight is scattered on the water. The sunlight on the water, the well-designed pool reflecting the sky, the archway and the swaying plants, is calm and full of tension, showing the great beauty of the open space, slowing down time, just lazily lying under the parasol and stretching, is the greatest satisfaction.

Touring “Mori Island” – a shopping street

When you walk into the space of the special commercial street, the characteristic pavement of the waves are overlapping and the sunlight stretches the shadows of the tropical sandy green plants, which seems to welcome the warmth of the “island”. Walking through the shopping street, the different small stores are like islands, each with its own unique little surprise. The wooden frame and greenery are used to link the small shops.

The stores are linked together to form a unique “island” neighborhood, which brings more vitality and energy, and also brings more coolness and comfort in the hot summer of Guangzhou. Light through the wooden frame sprinkled on the wooden platform, the wind through the greenery slightly raised the skirt, the neighborhood is divided into a number of comfortable island, find a piece of friends to lazily enjoy this leisurely vacation time.

Beautiful needle anemone, calla lilies, colorful horsetail iron, foxtail asparagus, colored coral and other tropical style plants are selected and matched by height, leaf shape, texture and color ratio to create a richly layered plant community. The wild and vigorous green plants are mingled in the “island” to bring vitality.

Farm ecological experience combined with nature – Nature Education Park

In ITG Grand Mansion Park, there is also a green ecological island. The site has a natural terraced landscape with a height difference of 8 meters, following the original terrain difference, where rice, vegetables or wolf tail grass are planted seasonally, giving people a different experience every time they come here. Bring your children into it to experience nature and feel the wonders of nature. The parent-child interactive farm space can bring children and parents a happy life time growing together.

Stop in the fast pace, experience the fun of farming, return to the slow life of nature. Spirituality, health, growth, experience the laws of nature, let the mind be released and satisfied.