2021 IID 馃弳 Awards

Gold Winner | Jindi 路 Hongyang Chengdu Fanjin 108 sales center | Shanghai Hexi Architectural Design Co., LTD

The capital of Tianfu in the southwest corner is not only a haven to avoid the war and many difficulties, but also a place to show people鈥檚 talent of poetry and literary. Fanjin 108 is located in Chenghua District, Chengdu, Sichuan Province, near the zoo and Zhaojue temple. It has a unique natural scenery and cultural history.

鈥淪traight line belongs to human, curve belongs to God鈥       鈥斺擜nthony Gaudi

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Gold 馃弳 Winner
International Interior Design Awards 2021

Jindi 路 Hongyang Chengdu Fanjin 108 sales center
Interior Design Corporate & Commercial

Shanghai Hexi Architectural Design Co., LTD

Yong Zhao

Design Team
Zhaoyong, Hebinquan, Lu Qingjing, Zhang Yuhao, Li Ran, Li Anning

Chengdu, Sichuan province


漏Raindrop Photography – the sea

Based on Carlo Scarpa’s concept of detail and transition, this case uses broken lines as inspiration to explore the various possibility of transition through point, line, surface and solid, and twists, overlaps and crosses the surface and broken line.

Soft decoration uses the curve elements to connect in order to reduce the rigid feeling, making the space more gentle, adding infinite vitality to the space.

Line and movement

Inspired by nature and fantasy

Soft curves, smooth lines

Bring continuity and vitality

Create a sense of fluidity in space

Fibonacci spiral curve

Line sequence of point, line and surface

Fits the theme of this case

The application of curve is more mature and fluent

Change the inertia pursuit of straight line

Inspired by dancers waving ribbons

Free and rhythmic water drop arc shaped Chandelier

Echo with hard decoration array repetition

Circular upward sense of substitution

Being the continuation of the whole space

Klein Blue(IKB)

Being depth and infinity, freedom and life

In the whole project, “international Klein Blue” is the main inspiration of soft decoration design. The extremely pure Klein Blue is a unique lapis lazuli blue. It is an ideal and absolute blue. Its clear often makes people lost in it. Without words, it can make the mind feel.

Extremely pure Klein Blue

With the deep connotation of group cyan

And the noble luster of sapphire

promoted the occurrence of 鈥渟ynaesthesia鈥

Lead the viewer immerse in the color shock

Break the cold of space

Arrange with a sense of order

Follow the beauty of symmetry

The halo of Blue

Being the rational and firm stress in space

Color seems to have temperature

Scene seems to have an image

Shadow reverberate with silence

The implicit cohesive force inherits in the room

The design method of frame scenery has its own connotation

Klein Blue鈥檚 elegant

Consist of depth and infinity

Strong and Pure

Return to simplicity in children’s area

no need to look for answers

Feel the breath

Peace and relaxation

Scene area

With the combination of three forms of “bamboo, mountain and stone”, the designer adopts the modern Oriental minimalist artistic expression technique,  achieving the forthright spatial rhythm,which is introverted, elegant,with the winding machibu ston.

Contrast each other into interest, follow the shape of the mountain

Spring is gurgling, away from glitz

Seeing dear in the forest

Birds flying through the flowers

Like a fairy tale world

Looking for tension in nature

Like the wizard of Oz in this city

The whole scene area is ethereal and substantial, which is composed of calm and peace.It鈥檚 the blending of nature and artistic life. The full dimension of life and imagination make the heart of the mood suddenly open, and finally return to the perception of the mind.

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