2022 GFD 🏆 Awards

Gold Winner | Jinko Energy Hongqiao Enterprise Headquarters | HWCD

Today, the new energy technology is on a fast track of development, breeding infinite power possibilities. Jinko Solar Hongqiao’s corporate headquarter project took inspiration from this. The HWCD design team perfectly blended digital technology concepts and design techniques to create a diverse visual aesthetic, outlining a gorgeous and fascinating artistic scene like an interstellar orbit and shaping a modern field full of flowing vitality.

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Gold 🏆 Winner
Global Future Design Awards 2022

Jinko Energy Hongqiao Enterprise Headquarters
Corporate Interior (Built)


Chengyu Zhu, Zelei Jiang

Design Team
Qimin Wu, Jinghang Qin, Huaijun Zhu, Lingshuai Qin, Ruqian Zhou, Zhujia Liu, Fei Wu, Xiaocui Yan

Shanghai, China



The project site is located at the intersection of Shenchang Road and Huaihong Road. To the south is landscape greenery that runs north-south and the roof greenery of the office building opposite. To the west is a residential area with excellent green. To the southeast, there is a view of the Hongqiao hub terminal. It is part of the Hongqiao Development Zone, one of China’s first development zone dominated by foreign trade and commerce. It is an important functional area of Shanghai’s Yangtze River Delta, serving the Yangtze River basin and the whole country as a high-end business center. The core is to build an innovative platform to attract regional headquarters and create an Asia-Pacific MICE headquarters economy and make it a leading business center for the MICE economy in the Yangtze River Delta and even in China.

Inspired by the concept, the design team chose to express the space with a folding line. Organic curving lines are applied to the decoration of the wall, and the light and shadow space is derived from the curve.

When entering the main hall, the vastness of space is like a magnificent interweaving of digital and technological ideas. The silver-gray fluorocarbon lacquered aluminum panels as the architectural theme material reveal a sci-fi luster and pioneering futuristic texture. The large white space design speaks of the minimal poetry in the age of technology, giving more space for beautiful images and high emotions. The white sandbox area is like a spaceship, swirling in the boundless stars and sailing light-years away. Immersive electronic screens build a new digital realm, presenting an interactive narrative experience.

The design elements of curves and rounded corners run through every corner of the office area, both as a follow-up to the sci-fi style of the main lobby, condensing the creative form of the future with dynamism and vitality to a more interactive situational experience.

The designer team hopes to create an efficient but friendly workspace. The natural texture of the wood veneer is used to shape the walls, supplemented by warm light strips and green plants, and a green and vibrant office space leaps into view.

In the context of minimalist design, the designer has tried to use black, white, and gray blocks to lay a modern and simplified tone and echo the overall interior with smooth lines and an atmospheric layout. The transparent glass material reflects the real and the imaginary, depicting the aesthetic scene after the balance of reasoning and art.