2023 GFD 🏆 Awards

Gold Winner – KOI | Ortiz.Leon Architects

KOI is a sustainable working environment designed to foster the well-being of its community and of those who work inside. It is a contemporary action of urban regeneration where technology coexists with nature and dialogues with the environment.

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Gold 🏆 Winner
Global Future Design Awards 2023

Office Building (Built)

Ortiz.Leon Architects

Ortiz.Leon Architects

Design Team
Julio Muñoz, Enrique León, Iñigo Ortiz, Miguel de León

Project Location
Madrid, Spain


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Working at KOI is a unique experience. It is filled with an energy that provides everyone with serenity, inspiration, and creativity by creating a world where everything flows in perfect harmony. A space that helps everyone to master challenges and achieve professional goals.

KOI means ‘Ying-Yang’, a confirmation that everything is interconnected. Is a place of endless flow: ideas, collaboration, personal development, and collective momentum.

We have transformed a dark and ordinary property that is hidden in between much taller buildings into a timeless and unique space where light flows all around it and greenery transforms all the views. Now there are skylights, lower and upper terraces, nature, fountains… achieving the highest standards of energy performance and environmental quality: LEED PLATINUM; that demonstrates sound strategies for conserving energy, water and resources, reducing waste and promoting user health and well-being; and WELL PLATINUM, that looks at how a property supports its users’ overall mental and physical well-being.

The building is shown to the outside through a glass skin materialized in a plastic way through a series of undulations that soften its corners and emphasize the access to the building. These geometries dialogue with the exterior green spaces that surround it, with organic shapes and sinuous lines. This relationship between the interior and exterior of the building is also enhanced by the integration of wood in the profiles of the façade, generating a symbiosis between the interior and exterior of the building.

Within the building and as its “heart” there is a central atrium. This triple-height space functions as a core of interrelation for the building’s occupants and it is the physical and visual connection between the different floors. To generate this space with organic shapes, an architectural intervention has been carried out where the structural work and support of the building have been an ambitious challenge to achieve the final result.

From the atrium, you can understand the entire interior of the building and appreciate the walkways and glass fairings of the elevators which are shown as sculptural elements within this void.

All indoor areas flow into one another guiding you deeper into the building. Premium designer finishes, an airy open-plan and flexible floorplates invite you to create both collaborative spaces and secluded nooks cocooned in peace and silence. A unique interplay of volume and heights, organic forms and textures, envelop you in a world created to inspire.

To top off the building, a garden has been created on the roof, giving rise to a garden terrace full of spaces and living corners. A gift for the surrounding buildings.

With over 11,000 sqm of offices, including 3,226 sqm of biophilic outdoor workspace, and 690 sqm of landscaped gardens, KOI becomes one of the most vibrant buildings in Madrid.