2023 UDAD 🏆 Awards

Gold Winner – La Cadiere SKYLINE by SCDA

In our global environment, cities are becoming increasingly homogenous, buildings lack presence and monumentality, and there is a lack of shared green space. We need to evoke the senses and create a more meaningful and memorable environment.

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Gold 🏆 Winner
Urban Design & Architecture Design Awards 2023

La Cadiere SKYLINE
Residential Architecture High-Rise (Built)



Design Team
SOO K. CHAN, Malcolm McCulloch, Du Yu

Chengdu, Sichuan



During the conceptualization of the design, we were inspired by the era of heroic architecture and buildings that embodied strength and permanence. We wanted to set a series of monumental buildings within an oasis of nature and tranquility, to achieve a contrast between the massive and permanent towers and light and ethereal ground plane.

As for the design of the facade, we combine traditional culture with modern technology. The building is covered by customized dry-hanging ceramic boards, which use the ice crack elements of Ge kiln in Song Dynasty of China. The material is natural and environmentally friendly, which can not only achieve the function of facade, but also save energy and insulate heat. The facade uses ceramic plates of more than 80,000m2, the most in China. The glass curtain wall and ceramic plate are all prefabricated units, which were prefabricated and assembled in professional factory, reflecting the spirit of Lu Ban, the great craftsman in China’s history, and pursuit of perfect by LA CADIERE.

The approach is to take an urban strategy that aims to create connectivity between the site and the lake. Towers are positioned along this connecting spine of folded landscaping creating a seamless connection to the lakeside and parkland.

The composition and presence of the three towers render a magnificent vista for the pedestrian walking by the lake and in the park. The undulating landscape creates defined plazas within the master plan, spaces for events, and communal gatherings. The folded landscape forms combine with free-lined walkways to provide shaded quiet space for rest and relaxation. Set deep within the landscape a private clubhouse provides luxury facilities for the tower residents.