2023 IID 🏆 Awards

Gold Winner | La Cadiere SKYLINE | LA CADIERE

La Cadiere SKYLINE is a landmark development that sits within a unique urban context embracing a 230 Ha central park, a scenic lake, and an abundance of natural pathways.La Cadiere SKYLINE will become a landmark addition to the new city center of Chengdu, a distinctive architectural and landscape development that affords the best in luxury lifestyle.

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Gold 🏆 Winner
International Interior Design Awards 2023

La Cadiere SKYLINE
Residential Interior Built


Thomas Chan

Design Team
Thomas Chan, Jimmy Guo, Kelly Zhou, Wu Wei Wen

South Section 2, Tianfu Avenue, Tianfu New Area, Chengdu, China



Serviced Lobby

Based on the concept of hotel reception lobby, the lobby has kept the high design from the beginning of construction to enhance the sense of spatial hierarchy. The customized screen background together with art works created by well-known artists, adds artistic atmosphere to the lobby. The coffee area is an extension of the lobby, bringing enjoyment of ambience and taste.

Small Library

Next to the coffee area, a small library is designed to create an elegant environment with wood as tonic keynote, providing users with a quiet leisure place where they can read, surf the Internet and talk.

Fitness Center

The fitness center make the most of the space, with soft wood as the main material and a window where you can see the green landscape. All the fitness equipment is from the top brand Technogym, so that users can enjoy sports and leisure time easily without going out.

Multifunctional Room

The multifunctional room can be used for birthday parties, friends’ gatherings, business meetings, etc., as well as themed activity space, such as baking, floral art, tea art, painting and calligraphy, etc. Its space design continues the brand concept of LA CADIERE—the extreme conciseness of the combination of modern space practical aesthetics and art, instead of pursuing short-term trend.

Independent Swimming Pool Club

Instead of taking sports as the theme, it provides users with a place where they can relax and enjoy leisure activities. 9*25 meter constant temperature swimming pool, independent shaped pool ceiling, wet steam room and dry steam room, you can enjoy them as you go downstairs.

Rustic and soft wood is used to decorate the entire interior space of the clubhouse, allowing people to enjoy leisure and swimming in peace. The pool area is simple and open, with no superfluous decoration, and exterior scene can be viewed through the floor-to-ceiling glass. The ceiling deliberately designed to tilt outward, together the refraction of natural light on the water surface, leads users to focus on the scenery outside the window and enjoy the harmony of the sky and water.

Model Room

Model A is designer style. Brand furniture, lamps and accessories full of design sense are the source of designer’s inspiration; Model B is a modern and luxurious apartment with Baccarat and Christofle crystal vessels everywhere, demonstrating the owner’s pursuit of exquisite life. In Model C’, the 17.5 meters wide living room, is  equipped with a luxurious stone background wall, invincible landscape view, and mixed with small vintage artworks from all over the world. It is the pursuit of quality life. And Model C is designed with a international style. The 16.5 meters wide living room is decorated with a luxurious stone background wall and a super high ceiling, and is added with brilliance by an incredible landscape vision.