2023 UDAD 🏆 Awards


The Mixed-Use development project called LAUSANA is conceptualized as a smart city development, offering community housing and mixed commercial areas, surrounded with parks, sporting facilities and inclusive recreational amenities for everyone to enjoy.

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Gold 🏆 Winner
Urban Design & Architecture Design Awards 2023

Urban Design (Under Construction)


Arq. Ricardo Alvarado and Arq. Alejandro Manzanero

Design Team
Ing. Christian Obregon Cabrera, Arq. Ricardo Alvarado Guerrero, Arq. Alejandro Manzanero Gutierrez, Arq. Lourdes Canabal Lira, Arq. Vanessa Marín Bacelis




It is located in SM 47, Lot 1-05, Huayacan II Avenue, at the 307th kilometer marker of the Cancun-Tulum Federal Highway, in the city of Cancun, Quintana Roo, Mexico. With an extension of 96 hectares divided into four construction phases in a time lapse execution of 5 years.

LAUSANA is strategically located in one of Cancun’s newest and fastest growing zones with important attractions within a 5-minute driving radius, such as:

  • Renowned Cancun International Airport
  • Cancún World Famous Hotel Zone
  • “GO! Cancun”, the biggest outlet mall in Latin America.
  • Moon Palace Cancun Hotel and Resort (Riviera Maya’s biggest resort)
  • Xcaret’s Theme Parks and Golf Courts
  • Renowned Schools and Universities
  • Future main Train Station of the New “Tren Maya” infrastructure project

LAUSANA Residential is an amazing community that proposes a new way of integrating families with an avant-garde vision, but at the same time with a sustainable conscience in a private and exclusive space where the following comes together:

  • Environmental Preservation
  • Innovation and State-of-the-Art Technology
  • Inclusive Urban Design Planification
  • Exclusive Gated Communities

LAUSANA’s sustainable urban design gives priority to the development of diverse green areas, extensive walkways, pedestrian areas, bicycle paths and recreational parks that connect each gated community to each other and with the project’s main amenities. Users will be encouraged to use our walkways and amenities, contemplate and enjoy a true family and natural coexistence, allowing them to maintain the jungle and endemic fauna as much as possible.

Three main social and recreational meeting points have been designed within LAUSANA’s master plan:

Paseo LAUSANA: More than 8 hectares of green areas, including a 2-hectare lake surrounded by native flora, walkways and paths for relaxation, rest and recreational purposes. This main amenity was transformed from a flooded area to being environmentally rescued to become the biggest private green parks in the district.

Paseo Aventura: The main recreational area, with sporting and cultural amenities for all ages to enjoy, a pet park, an open theater, restroom facilities, among others, amenities, as well as an urban plan that was designed to preserve most of our area’s natural fauna.

Club House: A state-of-the-art club house with modern sporting and recreational facilities. Carefully planned with a timeless architectural design, our club house will be LAUSANA’S main social gathering point for families to enjoy day in and day out.

The architectural projects of each residential, Multifamily or Commercial project have to comply with LAUSANA’S Development’s Construction Regulations.

Architectural language has to be visually pleasing for the residents with facades and design uniformity. It also allows for a rulebook to exist, monitoring the application of the regulations to which all actions of building and/or any type of construction will be subjected to.

It defines our design’s guidelines, color & vegetation palette, height standards and construction density corresponding their own land use restrictions; All in order to manage the look & feel vision of the whole project, by which it was projected at its origin.

Progress and Future

Nowadays with more than 2 years in the construction phase, the first 30% of our whole masterplan project will be delivered to our first clients during this 2023, being comprised in the first two gated communities of our masterplan: “Parque Sofia” and “Parque Victoria”.

Thanks to a partnership made with Gignet, the most sophisticated fiber optic company in the region, Lausana will be the first Smart City residential project in the region, boosting characteristics such as Hot Spots all-around Lausana’s main amenities, IT applications for transparency, rapid response, user’s administrations and digital access management control, among others, that will drive users for a better living quality of life in terms of health and comfort.