2023 GFD 🏆 Awards

Gold Winner – LES MORILLES French Restaurant | Tanzo Space Design

In 2006, Mr. Wang Daquan, a senior interior architect of China, founded the Tanzo Space Design Office, a collection of brand, space, art, media, furnishings and other quality resources. A creative design agency for space-integrated design services. Commercial space upgrades, architectural space transformations, and cultural space designs are the main service for Tanzo Space Design. Including high-end customized boutique hotels, themed restaurants, and office space; planning and upgrading of industrial parks, building facades and interior space transformation; integrated cross-border design services for art galleries, libraries, and personalized private villas of the upstart family. Customers provide professional system solutions.

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Gold 🏆 Winner
Global Future Design Awards 2023

LES MORILLES French Restaurant
Restaurant Interior (Built)

Tanzo Space Design

Wang Daquan

Design Team
Wang Daquan, Jin Ping, Ma Hongxu

Project Location
Beijing, China


©Photography: Ricky (UK Studio)

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Since its establishment, it has reached friendly strategic partnerships with many boutique hotel real estate groups such as BTG, Wantong and Mingyu. Tanzo Space Design emphasizes the reconciliation of architecture and yin and yang, focuses on new and old, internal and external, sustainable development of humans and nature, integrates into a cross-cultural design language, and builds a humanistic quality design space at the forefront of the era. Tanzo Space strictly controls each design detail, emphasizes the high degree of completion of design drawings and built-in effects, and achieves efficient service and high-quality fine design.

Tanzo Space maintains long-term cooperation with outstanding teams in various fields and introduces top resources for customers. In the future, Tanzo Space will take a comprehensive perspective and integrate various types of high-quality resources in the industry chain to create a “Netease-selected” platform for architects. Maximize the value of design cooperation.