2023 IID 🏆 Awards

Gold Winner | LIGHT PATIO | Kris Lin International Design

This project serves as a community public space, offering a venue for social interaction and aiming to improve the indifferent relationships between modern neighbors and promote communication within the community.

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Gold 🏆 Winner
International Interior Design Awards 2023

Mixed-Use Interior Built

Kris Lin International Design

Kris Lin

Design Team
Kris Lin, Anda Yang

Nanning, China



  1. Challenge

The project’s main challenge is its underground location, characterized by poor indoor lighting and deep interior spaces.

III. Innovative Points

  1. Introduction of the Fifth Facade:

By incorporating a courtyard design, a unique fifth facade is formed with the ground landscape, bringing natural light indoors to resolve the issue of insufficient indoor lighting.

  1. Waterscape Courtyard:

Transitioning from the reception area to the main space, a strategically placed waterscape courtyard forms a unique lighting atrium, creating a controlled spatial rhythm. This space, with its clear contrast of light and dark, uses light and shadow through glass curtain walls and interplay of real and reflected images in the waterscape to bring dynamism and vitality to the space.

  1. Fluid Space Design:

The café, facing an outdoor river view, utilizes a streamlined design echoing the water’s dynamics, enhancing the fluidity and sociability of the space.