2022 GFD 🏆 Awards

Gold Winner | Longfor Jinmao·Neverland Marketing Center | RUIDU DESIGN

Different from luxury “but large enough to” 1.0 times, 2.0 times of rare resources possession, chasing a wave of center and 3.0 times, the location of LONGFOR JINMAO·NEVERLAND Marketing Center, the north island is the luxury in 4.0 build in all directions, it is a innovation for the future, facing the world space, born with the tap of the bearing, Fulfill the mission of the same frequency city. View the mountains like forests, listen to the luxurious water caves, Ruidu design extracts the intention of the city landscape, blend the feeling into the scene, create a regional characteristic city image display interface, presenting a collection of urban resources, natural resources, cultural resources as one of the city time museum.

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Gold 🏆 Winner
Global Future Design Awards 2022

Longfor Jinmao·Neverland Marketing Center
Commercial and Office Space Interior (Built)



Design Team
Yu Wang, Youyu Chen, Savina He, Tingting Lin

Chongqing City, China



The whole design is inspired by the cascade of mountains, emphasizing the artistic spirit and the spirit of the site. The metallic sheet wall that provides artistic tone extremely, shuttle like spirit is in the space.

The stainless steel ceiling installation creates a sense of embeddedness that penetrates the urban elements into the mountain form and the plastic volume of the space.

The large wood grille in the reception hall extends to the negotiation area, water bar and signing room, realizing the wonderful collision of various Spaces and creating the coordination of spatial logic.

A large area of floor-to-ceiling glass brings outdoor scenery into the room, and people’s emotions and senses are fully mobilized to deeply experience the intimate greetings of sunshine, wind and rain, rocks and trees.

The shaping of space is the dialogue between time and place, nature and history. Ruidu design starts with local culture, focuses on art and spiritual territory, and launches a unique style of urban living feast for this mountain city.