2023 IID 🏆 Awards

Gold Winner | MARAZZI Tile Flagship Store | Chongqing Widao Design Studio

In this case, the designer Zhang Guoliang decided to explore the spiritual connotation of the brand and give the exhibition hall the name of “sky” full of imagination. Through pure and simple design techniques, while restoring the space function of the exhibition hall, it also endows the exhibition hall with unique artistic experience through “hidden” design techniques to depict the story precipitation and future prospect of a brand.

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Gold 🏆 Winner
International Interior Design Awards 2023

MARAZZI Tile Flagship Store
Commercial and Retail Interior Built

Chongqing Widao Design Studio

Guoliang Zhang

Design Team
Guoliang Zhang



©Guoliang Zhang

In the exhibition hall, the designer skillfully uses the mechanics of architectural composition to integrate the different buildings of body, block and face, forming an orderly sense of dislocation, which makes people feel the “floating” artistic freehand brushwork in the visual sense. The whole space is amazing and shocking, and also seems to tell the future pattern of the brand full of exploration spirit.

The giant meteorite device fits between the half walls and seems to be pulled by the high optical fiber thread. Looking from a distance, the meteorite seems to be frozen instantaneously when falling in the sky, but it reveals full tension in its simplicity. The pure white staircase “floating” in the air, the ultra-long “hanging” leisure bar, and the “hollowed-out” background decorative wall, the strength of body, block, and face interweave at one point, showing the beauty of visual power with impact for the space.

It looks like a secret place leading to the clouds. The modern and clean lighting is like raindrops falling from the clouds, presenting the beautiful freehand brushwork of the city of the sky.