2023 CD 🏆 Awards

Gold Winner: Marisfrolg Fashion Campus Headquarters | Architecture van Brandenburg

The founders of Marisfrolg Apparel extended an invitation of innovation to design their future headquarters. Their vision was to manifest a cutting-edge campus that would integrate all facets of the company’s fashion endeavours. This creative hub would embody the essence of the industry, inspiring both staff and visitors alike.

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Gold 🏆 Winner
Chinese Design Awards 2023

Marisfrolg Fashion Campus Headquarters 
Best of Architecture (Built)

Architecture van Brandenburg

Damien van Brandenburg

Design Team
Damien van Brandenburg, Fred van Brandenburg, Ashleigh van Brandenburg, Griff Humpherys

Project Location
Shenzhen. China

New Zealand

©van Brandenburg

The appointed architects embarked on a journey of innovation, delving into the study of nature’s forms and translating this into their designs. They applied double curvature geometry to unify architecture and structure into one organic system. With this holistic approach, they sought to create a building that not only pushes the boundaries of design but also integrates its natural surroundings. Their dedication to this philosophy of harmonious spaces and environments is evident in their commitment to the creation of unique structures that blur the lines between nature, art and architecture.

The Marisfrolg Fashion Campus represents a remarkable achievement in the field of design and innovation, encompassing 190,400 square meters within its 12.35-acre grounds. The campus comprises a series of interconnected, low-rise structures, designed to support the fashion company’s expansion and growth while evoking the image of a bird in flight.

The design studios are connected to, yet separated from, the catwalk and events space. The production and administration wing is designed with optimal functionality in mind. A boutique hotel with its own entrance accommodates visiting guests, while the exhibition spaces provide venues for events and catwalk shows. The campus is equipped with restaurants, flag-ship stores, and tranquil gardens for visitors and staff to enjoy.

The Marisfrolg Campus Headquarters stands 45 meters tall in elevation, offering views of the surrounding area. The hybrid of concrete and steel superstructure is clad in an eclectic mix of recycled materials, including discarded ceramics from local factories, marble offcuts from processing plants, glass slag from extruding factories, recycled bricks from demolition sites, and unprocessed stone from the nearest quarry.

The project has spanned 14 years, divided into 3 stages to prioritize the activation of the occupation for use. The architecture team worked alongside construction workers, numbering up to 500 on site, to develop cladding designs and composition prototypes, as well as techniques for achieving the desired outcomes.

The Marisfrolg Fashion Campus Headquarters is a landmark achievement in innovative design and construction, blending high-tech digital and low-tech hand-crafted techniques to create a unique building that stands as a shining example of what is possible in the industry.