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Gold Winner | Meditation Center @ The Great Compassion Foundation | Taweecool Architects

The Great Compassion Foundation was found by Mr. Pipatchai Jititsara because of his strong faith. In his youth, he had diligently organized various charitable activities to help fellow human beings who were in difficult conditions. In addition, many philanthropists and devotees also joined him in his act of generosity. As a result, the activities were very successful and impressed other people. Therefore, Mr.Pipatchai Jitisara has continuously organized social activities since then.

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Gold 🏆 Winner
Chinese Design Awards 2022

Meditation Center @ The Great Compassion Foundation
Best of Cultural Built

Taweecool Architects

Prof. Khiensak Seangklieng,PhD.ASA.

Design Team
Prof. Khiensak Seangklieng,PhD.ASA. Sirichai Tonthong

Songkhla, Thailand


©The Great Compssion Foundation

At end of 2008, there were large number of people participated in charitable activities and offered numerous Buddha statues. Hence, a temporary meditation center was established as a place to conduct charitable activities. However, the total area for temporary center consisted of only 2 Hong. After placing Buddha statues and performed religious ceremonies, the area was too congested and unable to accommodate a large number of devotees. The place would be hot and stuffy during summer, and soggy without room to avoid rain during rainy season. These caused great inconvenience to the participants.           Mrs. Warapond Tangpipatmongkol, therefore, donated a piece of land (approximate area of 16 Hong) to The Great Compassion Foundation in order to accommodate larger number of people and facilitate devotees who have faith in performing good deeds.  

The year 2011 was an auspicious year for Buddhists around the world as it is the year of   celebration of the 2,600 years of the Lord Buddha’s enlightenment (Buddha Jayanti). Moreover, it was also an auspicious year for all Thai people as the year marked the 84th Birthday Anniversary of His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej the Great. Establishment of meditation center under the name “The Great Compassion Foundation” was therefore the great realization of common goodwill and unity of people.

Proposed Meditation Center @ The Great Compassion Foundation designed with the concept of Sufficient Architecture and integrated with LCDs design approach. Architectural design represents an integration in both tangible and intangible qualities of modern Thai + Chinese architecture and its values in global contexts.