2021 IID 🏆 Awards

Gold Winner | MIYUE Positano: Dreaming on the cliff | Fusion Design

Because of the scenes and landscapes, this resort on the cliff has some natural and wild interests, the romantic and poetic tenderness. Fusion Design endows the texture of the material with calm and quiet characters, creating a simple and white space in this resort, giving people a sense of elegance and simplicity. The use of large-area floor-to-ceiling windows introduces more natural fantasy from the outside to the inside, and the flowing light and shadow are a kind of visible architectural aesthetics.

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Gold 🏆 Winner
International Interior Design Awards 2021

MIYUE Positano: Dreaming on the cliff
Hospitality Interior Built

Fusion Design

Josh Wen

Design Team
Josh Wen

Shenzhen, China


©Yun Ouyang

Fusion design using quiet colors with simple textures, which add a peaceful temperament into the entire space. The main temperament of leisure in the room because of the large sea view that opens through the door. After the invitation of the viewing balcony, the natural light shines with the interior space through the glass door. Fusion design uses low-saturation color systems, pays attention to the texture and real presentation of materials, and creates a quiet atmosphere of wabi-sabi and simplicity in the superimposed use of materials such as cloth, rattan, wood, and micro-cement. While ensuring the comfort and functionality of the space, it creates a relaxing and reassuring sense of privacy, and conveys a gentle and calm emotional feeling in the flow of room lines. The balcony of the room is another style, which breaks the limitation of space and extends the space to the sky and the ocean. The breeze and light flow unreservedly in the area, and building a new level of space together with the mountains and trees that grab the spotlight. The height and level of vision are three-dimensional and enriched in every appreciation. The body is inextricably linked with the space field in the nourishment of natural light.

The restaurant is located below the reception area. The stairs have the mysterious style of the old castle, leading people into a simple and elegant atmosphere. A whole glass mirror is embedded in the center of the ceiling, and together with the floor-to-ceiling glass windows that can see the sea, it extends the view of the entire space. The extension of the space increases the possibility of crowd communication and interaction. The cafe is located above the reception area. Different from the elegance of the restaurant, the cafe uses a vivid Klein blue in the white background. This color combination makes the cafe break out of the calm and restrained atmosphere, creating a different sense of feeling. The car seat area is inspired by the shape of the cave. The smooth and delicate curved surface and the soft texture of the fabric give this small space a unique sense of security and leisure.

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