2021 IID 🏆 Awards

Gold Winner | MUN X2 | Concept i

Seacon Square, Bangkok’s mega-mall, unleashed 27,000 m2 of new, experiential retailing in August 2020. It’s young, it’s fun, it’s totally Mun! Named after the Thai slang for something somewhat crazy, “Mun-Mun” features cutting-edge, individualistic retailing immersed in eye-popping arts and street culture. Creative terraces, pockets, galleries, and open studios are carved throughout 3 levels of space. Alternative retailing, learning, performance, and co-working inspire free-thinking, interaction, play, and self-expression. Seacon Square opened in 1994 and is one of Bangkok’s largest shopping malls with over 300 stores, a 14 screen cinema and over 500,000 sq.m of gross building area.

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Gold 🏆 Winner
International Interior Design Awards 2021

Retail Interior 

Concept i

Concept i

Design Team
Kittisak J., Pei-Han Shih, Punjaporn K



©Concept i

The north wing public area of Seacon Square was identified as a location to create a ‘Wow’ concept suited to new style retail activities, co working spaces, interactive and immersive experiences for young visitors. In mid 2019 Concept i were commissioned to conceive the new project, in close collaboration with Mall owners, Management, operations and marketing teams. Concept i completely re-invented the space, removing slabs, relocating escalators, opening up atriums, to create a unique spatial experience and format for the new style retail program. The existing Robinson’s Department Store would be retained, however the public atriums, corridors and space delineation could be completely modified across 3 levels to improve space character, circulation, visibility, function and appeal.

The renovation area comprises 3 levels, all interconnected by new atriums, with each zone offering a unique theme and type of experience. The project is sub-branded into 3 zones:

Level 1 MUN of Styles (Interactive fashion floor).
Level 2 MUN Rak Lok (celebrating organic products and farm inspired life and health)
Level 3 MUN SandBox (dedicated to Startups, Games and Models, anchored by the Thai Creative Design Center and Too Fast to Sleep)

Creative street arts, interactive technologies and entertainment are infused throughout the project.Munx2 is a “mash-up” of amphitheaters, stepped terraces, and hand’s on co creative spaces all of which inspire social interaction, play and enjoyment. Unique arts, sculptures and themed elements are found everywhere together with a continuous program of creative events and activities include parties, arts clubs, live performance and celebrity visits. The programming intends to set a very high benchmark for fast paced, dynamic space activation. Some event examples include Cool Graffiti, Pop Art and Photo celebrations, MUNx2 Warrior and Young Designer’s Flea Markets! It’s engaging, it’s social, it’s fun. Munx2 is a refreshing signal of future retail to come.

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