2023 GFD 🏆 Awards

Gold Winner – NEW BUND 31 | Palmer & Turner Consultants (Shanghai) Ltd

NEW BUND 31 is located in the Qiantan of Pudong New District, Shanghai, China. It consists of office, hotel, cultural center, and commercial space. The buildings are interconnected by corridors, and there are underground and above-ground connections to the Dongfang Sports Center underground station and the BRT bus station. It is a mixed-use TOD (Transit-Oriented Development) project that integrates various functions. The project is situated near the intersection of Jiyang Road and the Middle Ring Road, surrounded by greenery and offering expansive views. The varied building volumes and the curved-shaped cultural center create a rhythmic skyline. The outdoor environment will feature a public red carpet walkway and grass music festivals, creating a unique branding characteristic of “NEW BUND 31” and becoming a landmark in Pudong New District, Shanghai.

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Gold 🏆 Winner
Global Future Design Awards 2023

Mixed-Use Architecture (Built)

Palmer & Turner Consultants (Shanghai) Ltd

Henry YIP Hing Lam

Design Team
Henry Yip Hing Lam, Patrick Au Yeung, Xuefeng Huang , Ling Chen , Yan Shen

Project Location
Shanghai, China


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The cultural center is located on the east side of the site and includes a 2500-seat theater, a black box performance space, and four multifunctional rehearsal halls. The backstage and supporting facilities are distributed from B1 to F5, with a reasonable functional layout and independent circulation for audiences, VIPs, and performers. The cultural center features a hyperbolic curved glass facade, while the podium building has a free-form design, reflecting the concept of a cultural ribbon. The theater has three levels of seating and utilizes room-within-a-room acoustic treatment. The ground floor is equipped with a lifting platform, movable seats, and LED variable stage, making it the largest indoor professional performance venue in Shanghai.

Project name:New Bund 31
Client: Shun Tak Holdings Limited
Location:Plot New Bund 31-01, Pudong New District, Shanghai, China
Site Area:26707.3m²
Office: 69,973.1 m²  /  Cultural Center :30,000.0 m² /
Hotel:20,000.0 m²/  Retail:13,563.4 m²
Underground Area:75,323.0 m²(Retail Area: 7,005.0 m²)
Plot Ratio:5.0
Building Density:65%
Height Limitation:150m
Floors:31 / Basement 3
Green Area:2670 m²
Green Ratio:10%
Start:Jun 2018
Finish:Aug 2023
Design Duration:Jan 2017-Jan 2019, 24 months in total

The hotel is located on the south side of the project, facing Gaoqing West Road and offering a panoramic view of the greenery. It consists of 202 rooms and is equipped with a restaurant, bar, as well as excellent banquet and conference facilities. It also benefits from the convenient access to the commercial and cultural amenities within the project. The hotel tower has a simple yet varied design, contrasting with the curved podium building, showcasing the design concept of functionality and urban ribbon. The hotel features dual lobbies on the ground and fifth floors, and the indoor-outdoor interactive space on the fifth floor creates an ideal oasis with artistic characteristics within the urban environment.

This project has been awarded a three-star green building design certification and has received the LEED Gold Award.