2021 IID 🏆 Awards

Gold Winner | No Restriction | Feiye Design

The design of this case is to provide more possibilities for family life in terms of practicality, aesthetics, planning, and environmental protection.

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Gold 🏆 Winner
International Interior Design Awards 2021

No Restriction
Interior Design – Residential

Feiye Design

Fei Yu

Design Team
Fei Yu

Fuzhou City, Fujian Province


©Feiye Design

In the living room part, a beam was exposed after renovation. In order not to make the space look oppressive, two inclined roofs were specially made. On the one hand, the effect on the height and beauty of the floor was solved; on the other hand, using the contrast of the overall line of the space,through the reflection of the light strip, makes the space rich in rhythm and more three-dimensional.

The design of the living room puts simplicity and beauty on comfort, and the large-area solid-color walls and ceiling make full use of natural light. The light troughs inlaid with the lines of the building are used as supplementary light sources to make the space more advanced and smart. In the choice of furniture, this case takes comfort and beauty as the first principle, with simple colors, rounded lines, and few edges and corners. The harmony of plain aesthetics is low-key and elegant, creating a soft and relaxing home atmosphere.

    Combining the owner’s current family structure and possible changes in the future, part of the space next to the living room is designed as a tea room with a tatami structure, which can become a temporary guest bedroom after simple changes.

The tea room is slightly higher than the ground. The designer cleverly used the upper and lower light troughs to separate this space from the entire space to form an independent space that “exist at home but beyond home”. The corner of the tea room and the living room is designed as a two-part wooden sliding door, and the glass door on the other side connects to the living balcony, and finally forms a “living room-tea room-living balcony-living room” space circulation, which is divided into two diagonally. The design also constructs the connection between the living area and the rest area. This tea room, which resembles an independent box in the home space, is truly “independent but not lonely”, and the gradual change of the space becomes more possibilities here.

The space enclosure of the whole case is run through with linear elements. The space lines are simple and smooth, dividing the functional areas of the space in an orderly manner, while the seemingly independent tea room is the one which combine the current space with the possibility of life then derive more possible designs.

The designer believes that the design of home space has a mission other than design. It is not only an expression of practicality and beauty, but also a creation that carries feelings and ideas. Only by returning to the essence of design and realizing the understanding of family and life can we create unlimited possibilities.

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