2021 IID 🏆 Awards

Gold Winner | Pertamina International Shipping: The Pride of Indonesian Oceans | Arkadia Works

“The Pride of Indonesian Oceans” is chosen to be the design concept for the Pertamina International Shipping office. It reflects the strength of the maritime industry & pride of Indonesia sea throughout Nusantara archipelago.

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Gold 🏆 Winner
International Interior Design Awards 2021

Pertamina International Shipping: The Pride of Indonesian Oceans
Workplace Interior

Arkadia Works

Arkadia Works

Design Team
Director: Wiza Hidayat, Interior Designer: Shafina Almatisha, Project Manager: Larasati Ramadhina, Senior Graphic Designer: Fahmi Adi Cahya, Graphic Designer: Tubagus Faisal

Jakarta, Indonesia


©Arkadia Works

Pertamina International Shipping (PIS) is Asia’s leading shipping company that bridges marine logistics to encourage Indonesia’s economic growth. The design reflects the company’s strong presence in the maritime & shipping industry.

A sleek modern-contemporary office style is reached by bringing bright colours & wooden elements, while the interior maritime concept is shaped by the wavy ceiling, blue colour, ocean depth graphic, and lighting ornaments.

Entering the Lobby Area, visitors will be greeted with an ocean-atmosphere by the blue and white colours, also ship-like elements on the backdrop and reception table. Designer applied wave accent to the ceiling and the walls to create an ocean impression.

In the meeting room, the waves ceiling is also applied for ocean impression. The ocean topography graphic wall is applied on the wall to represent the corporate identity. On the other side, the moveable glass partition is used when a bigger meeting room is needed.

At the Command Center, Designer applied a graphic of a ship blueprint on the wall. Dynamic curves are chosen on the other side of the wall to add an aesthetic view.

For the Staff Area, the low partition is used for employees’ privacy. Designer used an acoustic ceiling and a ship photo for the wallpaper on the wall. Blue and white colours were still chosen to keep the corporate identity still visible.

A marine atmosphere is more shown at Pantry and Dining Room. Designer applied waves pattern at the partition. Ship photo wallpaper and marine lifebuoy are added for the wall decoration. Designer used batik patterns for the ceiling to add a local impression.

At the Executive Lounge, you can feel the combination of a modern and elegant impressions as Designer used marble flooring and laser-cut metal panel for the partition. Designer also chose wooden finish colour on the ceiling for the warm impression. On the other side, a white waves ceiling is applied for a more aesthetic view.

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