2022 UDAD 🏆 Awards

Gold Winner | Primavera Building | Ventura + Partners

Primavera Building is located in a residential and commercial area of Braga and is facing one of the main accesses to the city, Frei Bartolomeu dos Mártires Avenue.

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Gold 🏆 Winner
Urban Design & Architecture Design Awards 2022

Primavera Building
Office Building Built

Ventura + Partners

Ventura + Partners

Design Team
Ventura + Partners

Braga, Portugal


©Nelson Garrido, António Teixeira

Highlighted on the horizon for its organic and curvilinear character, Primavera’s headquarter building intends to distinguish itself from its surroundings, not only for it mophology and height, but also for the uniqueness of its coating.

Based on an volume that develops horizontally, the main vertical body stands out for its bold approach to the way it is then covered: a skin formed by small sheets of glass – as if it were scales – that hamonizes the balconies and that assumes itself as an outer skin. Note the irregular curvature of this volume supported by the circunferential arcs with space so that, between the inner body and the outer skin, there are free areas for circulation or leisure.

The shine and semi-transparency create the sensation of a dematerialized structure with numerous effects, caused by the behavior of natural and artificial lights.


Designed to function as a living organism, that adapts and tranforms as its needs, Primavera Buildings its as dynamic and interective as a brain. Besides the more direct connection as the shape of a physical brain, this building was designed to evoque different sensory sensations as we walkthrough its several floors.

The main entrace was intended to function as a covered square and is located in the interstitial spacer between the two volumes. While the first two floors of the horizontal sector comprises 10 retail units, the vertical volume is intended for offices.

The office sector of the building is served by a circulation core, consisting of a staircase and two elevators.

The internal dynamic is reflected in the organization of the spaces, which were designed for employees to use more casually or more formally, according to their needs. In this sense, the office combines traditional work spaces with recreational areas.


The interior stands out for its color harmony, comfort, symmetrical layout of the spaces and ergonomic materials. The building also benefits from a system that automatically controls light intensity, ambient temperature and water temperature.

Combining design, funcionality and comfort, Primavera is a space where quality of life at work prevails.