2023 IID 🏆 Awards

Gold Winner | Qualcomm Y3 Office | Weidian Space

This project is located in Shanghai Zhangjiang Science and Technology Park in the office, the total space area of 3220 square meters. The project will be completed in November 2021, and the type of design is this office space design and decoration. We hope to break the traditional office layout, through the creation of a more flexible and open ABW shared office environment, to meet the increasingly flexible and diversified state of the office, at the same time in the design of multiculturalism, the importance of health, environmental sustainability of the material, to create a staff body and mind comfortable office space. This will enhance the creative efficiency and enthusiasm of employees.

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Gold 🏆 Winner
International Interior Design Awards 2023

Qualcomm Y3 Office
Office Building Interior Built

Weidian Space

Lin Wei

Design Team
Xiaoqing Ma, Zhezhe Xu, Jiawei Wu



©Weidian Space

Through efficient layout planning and flexible line design, the entire office space presents a sense of free flow. The modular design not only meets the efficient reuse of space, but also adapts to future changes. High-contrast corporate colors differentiate different spaces, injecting vitality into the space while giving it corporate characteristics and attributes. At the office and corridor space, we chose aluminum ceiling and a partial bare ceiling to clarify the dynamic relationship between the office and corridor line.

            Flexible meeting space from large to small according to the need, adhering to the simplicity and clarity, to realize efficient collaboration. We apply sound-absorbing materials to enhance the overall office experience, fabric texture enriches the details of the space, and the use of metal materials also enhances the technology and quality of the space. All the workstations are equipped with ergonomic lifting desks and high-screen wooden furniture, which ensures the privacy of the workstations while satisfying the needs of the employees who can create and play to their heart’s content in a comfortable space.

            The design of the tea lounge space is a skillful extraction and presentation of Shanghai’s historical architectural elements. This element is derived from the design of brick composition, a unique design style that fits in with the company’s modern philosophy and serves as a bridge and link between the company and the modern city of Shanghai. The introduction of wooden decorations and greenery brings warmth and vitality to the entire space. The balance and softening of these elements makes the working environment less monotonous and more of a blend of history and modernity, creating a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere. We see science-based companies as a stage for creativity, and to stimulate brainpower and creativity, we provide appropriate resting spaces. Only through timely rest and relaxation can we provide richer soil for more creative results.