2022 GFD 🏆 Awards

Gold Winner | River Park | Nova architects and engineers

The relationship between the site and the riverside inspired a concept that would link the project to the surrounding context and create the plasticity of the facade.

The shape of the building emerged from the site itself. The curves of the water surface are repeated in the form of curved lines, forming the unique shape of the building.

The main idea was to create a modern human environment with many vital functions. Housing, sports, gastronomy, recreation, shopping, work. To take advantage of all city functions, it is not necessary to leave your home. The proposed concept meets all the main criteria of modern, high-quality architecture.

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Gold 🏆 Winner
Global Future Design Awards 2022

River Park
Residential Architecture (Concept)

Nova architects and engineers

Victoria Shmidt

Design Team
Victoria Shmidt, Jorge Ortiz, Andy Snow


United States

©Nova architects and engineers

The project proposes constructing a 13-story and 12-story residential complex with a retail (plot 14), a sports complex, and a supermarket (plot 7) on the 1st floor.

Plot 7:

On the first floor, there are:

Entrance groups of the office part, sports complex and a supermarket; on the 2nd and higher floors there are offices, dining rooms.

Plot 14:

On the first floor, there are:

Entrance groups of the office part, on the 2nd and higher floors, are offices and dining rooms.


As part of the complex of works on the improvement of the territory, it is planned to install pedestrian sidewalks (including those with the possibility of passing fire equipment), playgrounds and recreation areas, running tracks, lawns, landscaping, planting trees and shrubs, placing small architectural forms, the main and decorative lighting.

Facades and structure:

Clinker tiles and HPL panels on a subsystem are used as the primary facing material for buildings.

Stained-glass windows in an aluminum profile filled with double-glazed windows are used as translucent structures on the first floors. For the office part of the buildings, window blocks with double-glazed windows in PVC profiles were used.

There are places on the facades for placing outdoor air conditioner units covered with decorative screens. At the level of the 1st floor, there are areas for placing advertising signs for tenants/owners, places for outdoor units of split-systems of built-in premises, placed behind the structure of the lamellas that form the “upper belt” of the stained-glass window.

As translucent structures of the first floors, stained-glass glazing in an aluminum profile with double-glazed windows is used.