2022 CD 🏆 Awards

Gold Winner | Select Sound | SNB ARQUITECTOS

The project is located in Mexico City, with a total area of 320m2, where we seek to reflect the aesthetic language of sound products, in the architectural space, through a careful palette of materials and textures, combining lights, double glazing, double heights, to generate amplitude; naked speakers in soffits to convey the concept of select sound (a consumer electronics company).

Urban Design & Architecture Design Awards 2023: Entries Open! 

Gold 🏆 Winner
Chinese Design Awards 2022

Select Sound
Corporate Interior Built


Nicolas Bazbaz

Design Team
Nicolas Bazbaz, Simon Bazbaz, Mayer Hasbani

Mexico City


©Aldo C Gracia

In the hallway we find a corridor where light and double glazing, give a touch of elegance and spaciousness, which leads to a reception that becomes the point where the spaces are distributed in this project.

This point is hierarchized by the interaction between light and the materials of wood and metal mesh, which give continuity in the following spaces and all converge here.

In the boardroom a piece of furniture is integrated with the variety of select sound products showing an aesthetic glass furniture working as a showroom using furniture with the same colors of the corporate identity.

The executive areas on the left side are covered with wood floors and walls delimiting spaces with the same materiality of the private areas, as well as the executive area, the double height as the maximum expression of the space, adding metallic materials and metallic finishes with direct lighting generating the sensation of depth, modernism and comfort. Thus MAYER HASBANI in collaboration with SNB architects achieve a coherent relationship between the existing architecture and interior design where spaces and materials flow and invite the user to a new and sophisticated way of working.