2021 IID 🏆 Awards

Gold Winner | SGMW advanced center | Shanghai Mage Architectural Design Co., Ltd.

The project is located in Pudong New Area of Shanghai. The former site is an Office Industrial Park transformed by industrial plants. As the image building of the entrance of the whole park, the concept of “interstellar geometry” of the owner’s automobile brand is integrated into the design concept to upgrade the facade image of the building. In the entrance area, the gray corrugated board with industrial sense on the original facade is exposed, and the folded up dark metal canopy creates a young and upward sense of strength. Combined with linear luminous belt elements and logo design, a clear relationship between the old and the new is formed in the way of combining point, line and surface, so as to enhance the architectural image. For the office area with a length of nearly 70 meters, we propose to create a sense of visual stability by horizontally dividing the original building facade with windows, and regularly fold and modulus control these horizontally extended silver white perforated metal plates to form a dynamic facade effect. At the same time, the horizontal component mode helps to shade the sun and protect the internal privacy.

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Gold 🏆 Winner
International Interior Design Awards 2021

SGMW advanced center
Workplace Interior

Shanghai Mage Architectural Design Co., Ltd.

Kexin Shao

Design Team
Leading architects: Shao Kexin, Ye Chentao Project architects: Li Chaojing, Chen Weijian Design team members: Liu Chaoyang, Zhao Ying, Wei Jinglei, Liu Guanghui, Xue Erjun, Cao Jiajia, Gu Jun, Zhang Xin



©MAGE design

As the gateway of the forward looking center, the entrance vestibule also serves as the new car media conference center. Through the high steps, it connects the three layers of space. The smooth blue-green metal plate continues the facade modeling elements and turns to form the entrance front desk area naturally. The concise and dynamic linear elements are decorated with brand colors to echo the brand spirit of youth, fashion, technology and future.

Different from the traditional industry office staff, designers are no longer satisfied with working hard in their own grid space of one mu and three parts, but hope to have spacious and bright public space, flexible open discussion area and so on. Under the main pattern of open office, we divide several “third office spaces” to provide different scenarios for the use of office space: it can be a small meeting room for creative interaction brainstorming with colleagues, a review and discussion area for displaying team achievements, and a meeting member A semi independent telephone booth unit for reading, thinking and private conversation can also be a public leisure area where people can rest and recharge for informal discussion. The best office space should accommodate the co-existence of cooperation and concentration.

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