2023 GFD 🏆 Awards

Gold Winner – Shanghai Taopu High-end Retirement Community Landscape Design | antao

In the context of today’s longevity era and aging population, elderly groups pay more and more attention to healthy pension, and the demand for high-end and high-quality pension places is growing. The elderly generally have the problems of feeling, cognition, movement and weak immune function on the physiological level, and often fall into a strong sense of loneliness, loss, anxiety and depression on the psychological level.

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Gold 🏆 Winner
Global Future Design Awards 2023

Shanghai Taopu High-end Retirement Community Landscape Design
Public Landscape Architecture (Under Construction)


Xiong Zhongjian

Design Team
Xu Qinghui, Lou Yangjun, Li Shiyan, Huang Chunyu, Wang Rui

Project Location
No.608 Qilian Mountain Road, Taopu Town, Putuo District, Shanghai


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In this regard, we actively respond to the elderly care concerns of the elderly group, from the physiological and psychological perspectives, summed up a set of “happy pension formula”, that is, “happy pension = strengthen belonging + natural healing + extreme care + active intervention”. Based on the principle of creating a foundation for health and wellness, four strategies are proposed: situational (natural healing + embedded sensory experience to infiltrate the body and mind of the elderly), strong intervention (combining nursing and learning to create a continuous and progressive nourishing community), attachment (strengthening belonging through social activities, community settlements and other activities), and age-appropriate thinking (global refinement of age-appropriate details, intelligent care of the elderly). It guides the shaping of elderly care landscape from multiple dimensions, aiming to play a positive role of landscape in the field of elderly care and solve eight problems that reduce the happiness of the elderly.

In addition, we actively explore the deep integration of space and health care services, create high-quality interactive health healing places, and deeply tap the infinite potential that landscape can play in the field of elderly care. Through the integration of the site, create a multi-functional complex field, create different theme Spaces, meet the different activities and social needs of the elderly, and create professional and customized life scenes across the age limit, natural and healthy healing atmosphere and smart and diversified interaction space, as well as the value of self-realization stage.