2023 IID 🏆 Awards

Gold Winner | Shanshui Private Bar | Beijing Bloomage WanWU Design Co., Ltd.

Nestled in the heart of Huairou, Beijing, Shan Shui Private Bar beckons as a refined sanctuary—an intimate fusion of a private wine cellar and an art haven, occupying a mere 260 square meters. It transcends the traditional confines of a tasting space, metamorphosing into a haven for immersive, contemplative experiences.

The designers, wielding their creative prowess, artfully utilize crystalline glass bricks, subdued ambient lighting, captivating artworks, and the cherished treasures of the proprietor. Together, these elements conspire to craft an environment that exudes an air of leisure and tranquility, enticing the hurried urbanite to pause, delve into a state of repose, and savor the nuanced symphony of light bites and premium spirits.

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Gold 🏆 Winner
International Interior Design Awards 2023

Shanshui Private Bar
Hotel & Bar Interior Built

Beijing Bloomage WanWU Design Co., Ltd.

Liu Yuan Xin

Design Team
Li Guangmeng, Zhang Xuezhi, Jintingting Zhoushuo

Huai Rou, Beijing, China


©Beijing Bloomage WanWU Design Co., Ltd.


Within this spatial tapestry, mirrors, fireplaces, and enchanting lighting are choreographed with finesse, delineating distinct functional domains without compromising the individuality of each space. The deliberate breakdown of spatial barriers, marked by powerful, sculptural forms, interplays of diverse materials, and the harmonious dance of art-infused lighting, engenders an ambiance that is simultaneously enigmatic and inviting.

This unique interplay yields an immersive journey, where the mysterious allure of art converges with the openness of interactive exploration, bestowing upon visitors an enchanting and participatory encounter. As the sensory tapestry unfolds, Shan Shui Private Bar stands not just as a venue but as a living canvas—a testament to the seamless integration of artistry, design, and the sublime pleasures of gastronomy.

Beijing Bloomage WanWU Design Co., Ltd. Team
Beijing Bloomage WanWU Design Co., Ltd. Team