2021 IID 🏆 Awards

Gold Winner | Smart City | Kris Lin International Design

The function of architecture is not to block people’s behavior, but to make people more free.

Dominated and released by space

Some people think that buildings use walls to block space, but in fact, the role of architecture is not to block people’s behavior, but to let people more free.This principle is also reflected in The interior design of Kris Lin, just like the coFCO Smart City model in California, the core problem of this project design is: how to let the space release people’s freedom.

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Gold 🏆 Winner
International Interior Design Awards 2021

Smart City
Residential Apartment Interior

Kris Lin International Design

Kris Lin

Design Team
Anda Yang



©Kris Lin International Design

Free and open space

In the family model of this 3 rooms, will study, kitchen, sitting room, dining-room these different scenes in the life, integrated inside an open space, realized function to differentiate already, do not have the cut off of wall body again, shortened give birth to activity line, also save area more.Let host and hostess in busy while, still can notice the movement of each place in the home at any time, facilitate the child that looks after in the home and old person.

The study and sitting room use a very clever step or it is glass, regard a space as limit, realized the distinction of the function, but on the vision, the light is ok and penetrable, this kind lies between and ceaseless visual effect, maintain dimensional connect fully feeling and flow feeling, achieve the freedom of a kind of space or confluence.

What the metope of sitting room, dining-room is same material capable person, such design is to the confluence of a few Spaces more, and not be to do more dimensional cut.Remove thick walls and allow natural light to penetrate the room.The whole public space is connected and has a stronger sense of spatial flow.Reduce the cut off of the door, smallpox also is put as far as possible highest, let whole space atmosphere capacious, this kind of free and open feeling, go affecting the person that lives in the space positively.

The bedroom cloakroom, storage to undertake the cut off of line of sight, used store content space effectively.The bedroom of capacious and comfortable is connected directly to the bathroom, cloakroom becomes show display, reveal grade while, life daily life is more convenient, efficient.

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