2021 IID 🏆 Awards

Gold Winner | The DNA of the light | Studio Die DNA des Lichtes

H. Neuhorst – a life dedicated to artificial light – turns to light art with Ilka Henkel. The fascination of light and its spectral components led us to the “DNA of Light”.

A platform for New Art with the potential to reinterpret the themes of art such as flora, fauna, still life, nude, geometry ect. expressionist.

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Gold 🏆 Winner
International Interior Design Awards 2021

The DNA of the light
Lighting Design

Studio Die DNA des Lichtes

Paul Heinrich Neuhorst

Design Team
Ilka Henkel

79111 Freiburg


©Studio Die DNA des Lichtes

Inspired by the constant change in art, we have considered how the DNA of Light can be used to reinterpret the themes of fine art.

With templates about the art themes

and the parts of the DNA of light in terms of color choice, color mixing, intensity and direction, pictures were created that represent a new art.

The creative process is very similar to painting. Just as the painter consciously creative the colors, mixes and applies them to implement his image idea we choose the parts of the DNA of the light and their mixtures to realize our ideas.

Shadows are black holes in the light. We have them with the help of the spectral colors of light, through conscious design of color combinations and Arrangements of the shadow donors colored made.

Working with light and shadows is very similar to painting. painting very similar. A creative artistic process that defines a new art direction.

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