2021 IID 🏆 Awards

Gold Winner | The LEDINA Showroom in the Future | Shenzhen Chuangfan Space Design Co. , Ltd.

LEDINA promotes the avant-garde, minimalist art of living. Based on the cultural background of the brand, the exhibition hall conveys the idea of the brand in a form of “future thinking” . Avantgarde thinking is inseparable from technology and information, modern link to the future, is the past to the future bridge, to infinite space, unknown, technology, full of enchantment and imagination, birth of Our Future, the home environment of a kind of innovation and exploration. Inspired by Kriemspenko’s Film Space Rescue, technology is the vehicle for humans and the cosmos, stepping into space and feeling the wonderful flow of light that bursts out of the interstellar universe, blue or purple, as a kind of exploration in the universe vivid ideal graceful space, the design inspiration is thus born.

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Gold 🏆 Winner
International Interior Design Awards 2021

The LEDINA showroom in the future
Commercial & Retail Interior

Shenzhen Chuangfan Space Design Co. , Ltd.

Haihua Zhong

Design Team
Shenzhen Chuangfan Space Design Co. , Ltd.



©Ming Yan

In the Internet Age, everyone is from the media, the video live broadcast culture is prevalent, the network interaction which sprouted quickly after the epidemic, the designer suits the modernized thought, breaks the conventional household display form, through the deconstruction reorganization, the collision between different materials, the effect of light use, create a very scientific and technological sense of the impact of the future. Space to achieve another kind of extreme gorgeous to dream of the United States, the collision of space and the universe, the collision of reality and imagination, structure and color collision, unlock the various forms of space display. You’re in space, you’re in a science fiction movie, a circle, a arc, a dome, a link between the past and the future. Metal stainless steel brings the tension of modern science and technology, dark gray water ripple stainless steel, for the sky, mirror reflection of the floor tiles, for the ground, under the refraction of light, extended the illusion of space, such as the universe far-reaching and borderless design concept. Hanging in mid-air, the glowing arc-shaped glass, like a halo of sunlight rising from the sea level, forms a semicircular yellow halo, and the designers captured a beautiful moment on earth in the universe, it uses the gradient glass material and the warm yellow light utilization to bring into the space modelling design. Through the door of “future” , suggesting some kind of predictable future trajectory, giving visitors a kind of “time gate” travel, in the relative past and present, inviting people to think and explore the possibility of the future.

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