2023 IID 🏆 Awards

Gold Winner | The Two Rivers Imperial Garden | Chongqing Shang floor villa decoration

The first floor will partly expand the area, so that the study, living room and dining room form the core area of life. Cleverly use the TV wall as a partition, the study and the living room function division and mutual linkage.

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Gold 🏆 Winner
International Interior Design Awards 2023

The Two Rivers Imperial Garden
Residential Interior Built

Chongqing Shang floor villa decoration

Xianglong li

Design Team
Xianglong li

Chongqing china


©The Two Rivers Imperial Garden

On the second floor, in order to meet customers’ demand for “fairness”, the two children’s rooms are mirrored.

Using the minimalist restrained aesthetics as the design technique, the large-scale volume relationship in the space and the warm natural materials make the whole home return to the natural nature.

The highlight of the first floor is the openness and interactivity of the three functional Spaces of living room, kitchen and study, which are combined with wood work to create an open multi-functional social space with storage system.

Through in-depth analysis and summary of customer needs, the use value of the corresponding space is improved with small area expansion, and the traditional space pattern is broken with a fully open design. The exterior wall of the study will be expanded to create a migration line with the living room to gather the emotional interaction between family members and create a more intimate emotional atmosphere.

The highlight of the second floor is two children’s rooms of the same area and layout, which achieves the core idea of customers not favoring and not indulging.