2023 GFD 🏆 Awards

Gold Winner – Towarowa Towers | Developer Asbud Group

Towarowa Towers are two 29-story towers that, together with 3 lower apartment buildings planned for the site, will create a multifunctional complex – carefully designed in the spirit of sustainable construction and blended into the architecture of Warsaw’s business center.

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Gold 🏆 Winner
Global Future Design Awards 2023

Towarowa Towers
Residential Architecture (Under Construction)

Developer Asbud Group

FS&P Arcus

Design Team
Asbud Group

Project Location


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Towarowa Towers is being built in the spirit of sustainability, which is the basic principle of the investor – Asbud Group, guiding it in the design of new developments. Two residential towers together with a green recreational area and retail and service areas planned on the lower floors will ideally balance the previous office character of the location and make it completely self-sufficient for future residents – in terms of access to the most important services as well as recreational and cultural venues.

Towarowa Towers is also a response to the market’s demand for high-quality premium investments in the city center and residential tower architecture – still quite rare in Warsaw. The high-rise residential buildings located in this European capital can be counted on one hand. Towarowa Towers will fill this gap in the real estate market.

Towarowa Towers are two 95-meter towers made of top-quality materials: a combination of glass, aluminum and fiber-cement panels on the façade. The cascading  aluminum panels in different colors on the façade will give the towers a unique character. At night, the buildings will be covered by a striking illumination, highlighting the residential modules and giving their bodies a unique rhythm.

Care has also been taken to ensure the high quality of the building’s interior, not only through good quality materials, but also by maintaining esthetic consistency with the facade. Residents and their guests will be greeted by an elegant lobby with a striking graphic motif. The remaining floors of the building, as well as elevator lobbies and elevator interiors, will be in a similar style.

All apartments in the towers are sold in turnkey condition. Future residents can choose among 3 high-quality standards, each available in 5 color versions: powerful white, natural beige, elegant grey, classic black and deep blue. In addition to the fee for the basic version of the finish, future clients can choose from a number of additional elements on request.

Among the elements that set Towarowa Towers apart in the first place are those that are very rare for skyscrapers. Most of the apartments will have glazed balconies or loggias and all apartments will have opening windows or tilt panels, obscured by individual shutters with perforations to give character and provide access to fresh air.

Further distinguishing features of the towers include: large glazing providing excellent interior lighting while providing high acoustic, energy and thermal insulation, modern threshold-free sliding doors enlarging residential interiors with adjacent loggias and terraces, individual color schemes giving a unique character against the uniform glass style of the surrounding office buildings, or entrance lobbies with green walls.

A unique location is the hallmark of Towarowa Towers. Located in the heart of the capital’s new business center, the towers open up a range of opportunities for residents. Moreover, the location offers convenient and fast transportation to various parts of Warsaw, thanks to proximity of the subway station, numerous streetcar and bus lines or bicycle paths.