2023 IID 🏆 Awards

Gold Winner | Transformers – The Ark | concept i

Hong Kong’s exclusive Causeway Bay is now home to Earth’s first-ever Transformers-themed ‘smart’ restaurant, ‘The ARK,’ named after the iconic Transformers starship.

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Gold 🏆 Winner
International Interior Design Awards 2023

Transformers – The Ark
Restaurant Interior Design

concept i

Richard Wood

Design Team
Raymond Lopez

Hong Kong


©concept i, A La Carte Hong Kong Limited, and Hasbro

The Ark is the world’s first Transformers-themed restaurant, created by A La Carte Hong Kong Limited under license from Hasbro. Developing into an immersive dining experience that combines Technology, Food, and Fun for families – the 555 sqm restaurant spans two floors, accommodating up to 200 diners, and features an exciting audio-visual storyline that seamlessly integrates the restaurant’s facade, interior, and branding themes.

The restaurant is centered around the Transformers brand and offers premium fast-food dining, with a retail area selling Transformers figures and limited-edition lifestyle products. The restaurant design takes inspiration from The Ark spaceship and incorporates immersive high-tech digital media, offering customers a truly unique dining experience in the Transformers universe.


The journey begins with the eye-catching facade design, featuring a giant animated LED screen mounted above a 3-dimensional model of the crashed ARK’s engines. As customers enter the restaurant, they are instantly transported into a Cybertronian universe of Autobots, Transformers, and dynamic visual interfaces. The interior design stays true to the Transformers brand’s core DNA, accurately replicating the interior of the ARK with its details, colors, and sounds.

Ground Floor

Themed as ‘REPAIR’ – is where the Autobots check for crash damage to the ARK. It features animated menu screens and seating benches for customers; with a show-stopping giant interactive model of Optimus Prime dominating the entrance to the themed store, selling bespoke Transformers toys and clothing.

Second Floor – Flight Deck

The story then moves into launch mode on the second floor -known as the ‘FLIGHT DECK’ – where the ARK’s windows are transformed into animated LED screens depicting its first launch into space. This immersive cinematic feature is further enhanced with the Transformers mobile app, which details more intergalactic adventures. Other highlights on the second floor include a large Instagrammable model of Bumblebee, a futuristic food servery, and seating zones with uninterrupted views of the flight deck screens.