2023 GFD 🏆 Awards

Gold Winner – Ulaman Eco-Luxury Resort | Inspiral Architecture and Design Studios

Nestled in the heart of Kaba-Kaba, Bali, the Ulaman Eco-Luxury Resort is a haven of tranquility that seamlessly connects with its natural surroundings. Surrounded by lush forests, picturesque rice fields, and a breathtaking river, the resort embodies a deep reverence for nature. Sustainability lies at the core of the resort’s ethos, evident in its design and operations. Harnessing the power of the river, a hydroelectric generator provides sustainable energy to the entire complex, including the newly reintroduced lake functions as a reservoir for its turbines, creating a micro-ecosystem that adds light and ambiance to the site. Solar panels in the parking area further contribute to the resort’s sustainable energy sources.

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Gold 🏆 Winner
Global Future Design Awards 2023

Ulaman Eco-Luxury Resort
Sustainable Architecture (Built)

Inspiral Architecture and Design Studios

Charlie Hearn

Design Team
Charlie Hearn, Laura Tika, Puce Subagiono Soepeno, Marvin Lesmana, Gunawan Rusdiana, Rahman Akbar Sayekti, Iqbal Ziaul H

Project Location
Kaba-Kaba, Bali


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Locally sourced materials, such as rammed earth, bamboo, natural stone, and recycled timbers not only enhance the resort’s carbon-zero status but also offer excellent insulation and structural properties. Bamboo, a remarkably sustainable material, is extensively used in the resort’s construction, showcasing the unique beauty of bamboo architecture which seamlessly blends with the surrounding vegetation, along with the warm tones of rammed earth, with curvilinear roof formations that can be admired from various angles. The yoga studio is a true architectural marvel, with its cantilevered structure supporting a parabolic bamboo pavilion, seemingly suspended on the edge of a cliff. The guest villas and rooms provide an eco-luxurious experience, enveloping guests in a nurturing and cocoon-like ambiance. The Lotus restaurant area features geometric pods that serve as mini holistic cathedrals, perched above a junction of waterfalls. The new phase of the resort also incorporates Composite SIP panels, which are visible in various roof structures and the spa building. These panels, made from recycled and recyclable EPS with earth-based, fiber-reinforced polymer renders, are lightweight, strong, and highly insulated.

Ulaman Eco-Luxury Resort represents a harmonious blend of sustainable technologies and materials, showcasing a cohesive and innovative approach to eco-friendly practices. Standing at the forefront of the bamboo eco-friendly design movement, its vision transcends the present,  where sustainable design is no longer a distinct category, but rather an integral element in all building designs. The methods employed to preserve and revive the surrounding ecosystem have set the bar for what is possible when the architectural designer is dedicated to the pursuit of sustainability. Creating an eco-dreamscape, Ulaman Eco-Luxury Resort imbibes an ethereal atmosphere that has resulted in the resort becoming a destination and a testament to what is possible in the realm of eco-luxury hospitality venues.