2021 GFD 🏆 Awards

Honorable Mention | Fairview Park Marketing Center | Puhui Design

Wuhan, also known as River City, has plenty of rivers and lakes intertwined, where the water area occupies a quarter of the city’s total area. Showcasing the water landscape and city spirit of Wuhan, the project uses restrained design techniques through light and shadow to create a sense of peace and transparency, building a humanistic journey of the modern oriental artistic conception between man and nature.

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🏆 Honorable Mention
Global Future Design Awards 2021

Fairview Park Marketing Center
Interior Design Built

Puhui Design

Yiqiao Peng

Design Team
Yiqiao Peng, Zhichao Yin, Ting Xu, Juan Li

Wuhan, China



The lobby has simple lines and beige gray palette matched with marble. The ice-cracked marble running through the lobby is just like the oriental ink painting. At the entrance, a modern Western art installation is set to add fun and contrast with traditional sculpture. The bronze bench carved out of basalt and the metal geometric lamps are combined to highlight natural elements in the space, breaking the boundary between objects and space, creating a smart and interesting space atmosphere. The glass lamps is arranged in aligned array side by side, showing a rhythm of light and shadow and the modern sense of transparency.The background wall is like a water curtain, complementing each other with the sculpture table, injecting emotion into the space, which acts as an unfinished prelude.

The fresh and transparent natural green colors are dotted in the art paintings and decorative tables in passage. The unique hand-made vase has rough texture and ink shape to increase the overall beauty of art and artistic conception. The abstract flower arrangement demonstrates the beauty of oriental charm, and also symbolizes the vitality and continuity of life in nature. The sand table area adopts crystal lamps to pursue a balance of light and shadow.

The water bar space continues the impression of the ink-splashing pattern in the front hall. The whole piece of marble combined with the metal texture of the lamps reveals the beauty of luxury art. The large floor-to-ceiling windows introduce natural light, making the rolled green naturally become the center of vision.

Stepping into the negotiation area, the scenery is changing along with the steps. Behind the huge modern screen, there is a blending transitional treatment of natural materials, such as grille, leather, marble, and crystal. The natural light is used to weakened the sharpness of the space, and the beige color is like an unfolding scroll, creating an interior space full of subtle oriental beauty. The in-depth negotiation area naturally wraps the space with flowing water, eliminates the boundary with the transparency of glass. The exquisite and elegant high-grade gray tone is embellished with natural green, echoing the humanistic spirit of Wuhan.

The design carefully chooses every detail to showcase the true natural texture and exquisite processing of material. The strong metal wall decoration with the twisted shape of water also brings the artistic perception in space. The thick black and the layered lines are released by light and shadow, thus a lively and quiet atmosphere is created to reach the heart of visitors.

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