APR Commercial Interior

Honorable Mention – Putian Zhenro Sales Office by Harmony World Consultant & Design

Global Future Design Awards 2019
Honorable Mention
Category: Commercial Interior
Firm: Harmony World Consultant & Design
Designer: Nie Hai Ming
Country: China
Website: www.h-w-c-d.com

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The project is located in Putian city, Fujian province.The designers adheres to start from the specific project, conducts field investigation, takes Putian’s belief in mazu — sea god as the theme background, extracts the colour “blue”, rich in Marine spirit, and combines modern design techniques to conduct a comprehensive design consideration for the space.

The overall hard decoration is mainly in white, HWCD carries on the comprehensive analysis of space based on filed investigation, continue hard outfit and architectural design gimmick, the geometry of cutting technique used in carpets, furniture and use opportunely sea blues and fabric material, art and technique such as hanging the same picture in the space to achieve the best effect.

After the repeated deliberation and modification of the scheme in the early stage, the site presentation in the later stage, the overall effect has been well received, the continuity of the space, the application of the blue tone, the space has been greatly enriched, which is very practical and exhibited.