2020 IID 🏆 Awards

Honorable Mention | The Balance between Aesthetic and Function by LDYDESIG|Chicheng International

As time changes, design also changes, which pays more attention to communication, focuses on souls and pursues balance.The office is not only an office space, it also means an eight-hour life, because employees spend 8 hours per day in their offices.At first, I always want to find a balance of multiple design elements, which not only focuses on the artistic presentation of the lens, but also values the sense of spatial experience.LDY DISIGN is a multi-functional working space design.

Honorable Mention – International Interior Design Awards 2020
Firm | LDYDESIG|Chicheng International
Designer | Xigan Lin

Project Category | Office Building Interior Built
Project Team | Xigan Lin
Country | China
Photographer/Copyright | ©Feng Lin

©Feng Lin

The open and flexible space focuses on inspiring more imaginative possibilities. The limited space, 168㎡, will be full of possibilities.With simple design methods to deal with the form of the entrance space, the channel would be broadened, the visual tension would be increased, the direct and pure sense of entry would be created, and the path would be formed.We take advantage of the horizontal and vertical space of the gallery, and combine the theme of Chicheng International’s Logo, as an extension of the entrance space. The three strips of light slow down the visitor’s footsteps. They can enjoy freedom as if they enter empty space , so the initial expression of LDY DISIGN is formed.The reception area is like everyone’s dream life. Employees sit in front of the large picture window, and sunshine warms them. They can enjoy the surrounding music, read magazines, appreciate the city’s scenery and wait for time going by. Office workers immerse in the point between the reality and the dreamworld. Multinational-function room inherits simple and natural temperament. Functionally, no matter who you are – brain-stormer or people who join a party, the space can be different with various people.Desks in director room are compatible with the picture window. There are some characteristic leather chairs. The nature lights, scene outside the windows and green plants can be appreciated, which can relax people.At leisure time, office workers can put files aside, standing in front of picture window, watching the moving cars galloping from a distance and the glimpse of the city at your feet. At the same time, it is comfortable to smoke a cigar and drink a cup of wine.