WADA 2019 Housing

HOUSE BL by Hugo Monte Architect

Despite located in a rural context of complex characterization the BL house develops a true relation with the exterior surroundings through an extended patio that leads to a relaxing and contemplative sunken fire pit. The spacious and light -filled entrance hall suggests the other house spaces and combines the three floors in a straightforward way.

World Architecture & Design Awards 2019
Third Award | Category: Housing
Architects: Hugo Monte
Studio: Hugo Monte Architect
Country: Portugal
Website: www.hugomonte.com

The proposal is for a rectangular shaped east/west plot of land with 2.748,00 m² . With a well stablished initial programm by the promoters, we opted for a 3 floor construction to contemplate the daily demands required by the different levels of the house.

The basement incorporates the garage with acess through a exterior ramp that provides the transition between levels. Two storage rooms, a technnical area and a room destinated to be a work out space complete the remaining area.

The entrance floor (street level) houses the social functions through a welcoming  double high hall space where the staircase that gives acess to all the floors is located.

From here an office and a toillet facility  are distributed, and the living room and kitchen are reachable and in sight sharing the same exterior area, accecible through ample glass panels that keep this areas closer, visually and functionally.

The upper floor presents itself with a reading lounge that connects to the double high hall space and continues to a corridor  with closets that serve 2 rooms internally connected by a toilet facility. At the end and facing west we find the master bedroom with toilet facility, a walk-in closet and a wide balcony overlooking the garden.

On the exterior area the hundred-year-old cork oaks were given a major importance on stablishing the garden layout and atmosphere  enhanced with the construction of a sunken fire pit as a gathering and contemplative exterior spot.

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