UDAD 2018 Institutional Building

IVS – School of Design by Urbane-The Design Workshop

This project, being a design school had clear brief of achieving two aspects hi-design values along with sturdiness and longevity of finishes for the interiors to sustain a long duration.

Urban Design & Architecture Design Awards 2018
Honorable Mention | Category: Institutional Building
Architects: Darpan Katyal
Studio Name: Urbane-The Design Workshop

Country: India
Website: www.urbane-tdw.org

The concept was evolved through grungy and industrial look with use of graphics as the overall look and feel.

The concept of how conventionally spaces are arranged in institutional design is challenged by putting open landscaped cafeteria as the introduction/ entry space. The reception is designed as lounge cum library to allow library to get integrated with waiting area designed with casual seating/lounge. The reception counter itself is designed as coffee bar to add to the informality and make the space more student friendly and youngish in its expression. The red ceiling and grey and white palette has been used to go with the brand identity along with strong textures of exposed brick and raw waste wood to accentuate the raw industrial and grungy look. The architectural language has been done with unfolding walls instead of straight dead walls. This adds another dimension and shuns rigidity of the boxed up spaces and make the spaces more fluid in terms of visual appearance. The graphical expression of design language in walls and ceiling design forms the key feature. Lighting design has been focused upon with concept of direct and indirect lighting design. The design is evolved through a story of experience based design, on user’s (students) aspirations.

The entrance is through landscaped court half covered and half open to sky used as open café thus providing a very informal setup right at the beginning creating a very fun and interactive kind of ambience. The outside flows into inside through large glass wall dividing the reception table as coffee bar, the front end areas including counseling rooms are designed as closed spaces as part of this lounge fully loaded with technology. Touch Screens, Virtual Realty, State of Art Technology Class Rooms, and automated lighting which can be operated by use of I-Pad and I-phone have been designed.

Exposed ceiling with services add to the industrial grungy look.

The furniture is manufactured from Jodhpur in mild steel and cast iron with cheap mango and sheesham wood at literally throw away price. The sturdiness and unique industrial look of furniture is matching to the interiors and has rawness/roughness feel to it.

The graphically denoted keywords of design and creativity enthuse the space by forming composition on the glass partition. Ropes wound on columns provide interesting look to them. Lighting design is very efficient and graphical in its representation.

The compartmentalization of air conditioning design makes it energy efficient. Integration of technology with interiors is the key feature of design. The design enhances use of natural light, as being lower ground it was a challenge to allow light to percolate into interiors. Solar Passive Techniques have been used to ensure natural lighting by having the front end façade open and also use of clear story windows have been used to avoid direct impact of lighting, glazing and maximum use of reflective lighting.

The sustainability and cost effectiveness are the key feature of design. The existing kota stone flooring was reused after doing leather finish on the exiting core. Complete waste materials along with industrial waste is used to come up with completely new language of design. Attention has been given in detail to minimize the use of toxic material.

The walls are cladded with waste wood strips cladding to give permanent finish. Low VOC paints/finishes are used as green endeavor. Waste gear parts, chains, steel buckets, welded mesh are few important materials creating design elements and a completely new look catering to the aspirations of students. Youngish spaces including corridors having informal seating and lounge areas provide right kind of environment for students to hangout after studio/lecture time.

The studio’s are flexible spaces segregated with sliding folding partition, acoustically designed, allows spaces to be combined for multipurpose usage.