Chinese Design Awards Jury Panelist

Chiwon Ahn, Professor
Faculty of Architecture (Architecture Major) Hanyang University

Architectural Design 3 (ARE357) & Architectural Design 4 (ARE358), Architectural Design (ARE102), Architectural Basic Design (ARE 109).

Interested research area
Architectural design, research facility planning and design, building information modeling, eco-friendly architecture

BA, Virginia State University, 2000 (Double Major in Architectural Design & Architectural History, USA) 2003 Master of Architecture, Yale University (USA).

Dr. Hwanyong Kim
Associate Professor | Major Head | School of Architecture & Architectural Engineering, Major in Architecture Hanyang University

Dr. Hwanyong Kim is an associate professor in the School of Architecture and Architectural Engineering at Hanyang University ERICA. He joined ERICA in 2020 fall semester. Prior to ERICA, Dr. Kim served as a professor at Incheon National University and a visiting assistant professor in the Department of Landscape Architecture & Urban Planning at Texas A&M University in the U.S., where he had finished his Ph.D. in Urban and Regional Sciences. Dr. Kim studied architecture as his undergraduate degree at Chung-Ang University, S. Korea and finished his master’s degree in community & regional planning at the University of Texas at Austin, U.S. He holds another master’s degree in architecture design from Hanyang University, S. Korea.

Sara Khorshidifard
Assistant Professor of Architecture
Director of Center for Community Studies Drury University

An architectural designer, design researcher, and urbanist, Sara Khorshidifard joined the faculty in 2019 as Assistant Professor and Director of Center for Community Studies, where she is teaching courses in community design and design research. Her experiences range from teaching, to community design, to integrated project delivery, to historic preservation and urban restoration. Sara’s scholarship entails a triad trajectory in Urban-Rural Interface Studies, Architectural Education, and Tehran Studies. Her background creates a balance between practical instruction and broader philosophical perspectives supported by the spans of her scholarly trajectories. Prior to teaching, Sara worked as a design consultant and senior project manager in the United States. Before that, she practiced architecture for five years internationally, in Tehran, in small consulting firm and large engineering company settings. Her primary area of practice concentrates on community design, fusing her background and professional degrees in architecture and landscape architecture. Sara has accrued notable records in such work since her doctoral studies at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee where she also served as a senior project manager and design consultant for the Community Design Solutions outreach center.

Hwang Yi, Assoc. Prof., Ph.D., Assoc. A.I.A., LEED AP
Department of Architecture, College of Engineering, Ajou University