UDAD 2018 Residential

Ksg Home Studio By Hernández Silva Arquitectos

The project departs from two main elements: the site and its users. The construction is located in an old colony inside Guadalajara where irregular landscapes among different levels ocurre to form small canyons which dominate the area. The ground has a rectangular form where the street is located in front and a canyon is located towards the back where a huge tree is placed one level below the street.

Urban Design & Architecture Design Awards 2018
First Award | Category: Residential
Architects:  Jorge Luis Hernandez Silva
Studio: Hernández Silva Arquitectos
Team Members: Ar. Jorge Luis Hernández Silva, Ar. Edgar Soltero, Ar. Fernanda Castiello, Ar. Karen Centeno, Ar. Pastora Camarena
Country: Mexico
Website: www.hernandezsilva.com.mx

The house was designed to achieve two main uses: a studio and a home; it was very carefully planned as the users have japanese roots so its customs were considered and respected. The studio is located above the garage, and its characterized by a very generous space between flooring; the other volumen (in white color) reffers to the house distributed in two levels where the social área, located below, embraces a double hight terrace and allows to receive shelter from the great tree that already existed in the site; bedrooms are located on the second floor connected to the studios mezzannine by a small hallway.

The concept is divided in three factors: the structure of the building, its function and its form. The function must independently respond to the circulation of the spaces which in turn are connected by two gen kan (japanese traditional entry área); one located inside the garage and the other one by the street level to receive all the visitors leading to a neutral element covered by wood and vinculated to the central inner yard that coexists with all the activities of the house.

The structure was forged respecting a base beam “H” of 35×35 which assembles the boxes and allows big open spaces to ocurre for both volumes (black and white)  covered by corrugated sheet.

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