UDAD 2018 Hospitality

MiniHouseHotel by AMA Andreas Mede Architect

On a site of a former ranch, 3 cabins are proposed to provide first class accommodation to allow guests a direct private experience, further cabins are planned for the future. Each identical cabin is set within a different setting amongst the general forested landscape; “The Meadow”, “The Forest”, and “The Pond”.

Urban Design & Architecture Design Awards 2018
First Award | Category: Hospitality
Architects: Andreas Mede
Studio Name: AMA Andreas Mede Architect

Country: United States

The design is intended to challenge tired clichés of mountain resorts; instead, a minimalist language and a few carefully selected materials define the space which remains focused on the surrounding beauty. The plan is divided into three zones for sleeping, washing and relaxing which flow together but still remain distinct, no interior doors interrupt this concept. Materials are a mix of rough and refined; rough boards, veneer plywood, polished slab floor, polish and rough stone surfaces. Solid floor and roof/ceiling construction along with walls without thermal/acoustic bridges assure a quiet, solid and thermally balanced internal atmosphere. Furnishing and accessories are selected with equal care to follow through with the concept. Lighting is limited to encourage guests to enjoy the rhythm of the day/night pattern and to minimize disruption to local wildlife.

Following construction, restoration of surrounding vegetation and the transition ofaccess roads to footpaths is to be completed. All efforts are made to maintain aminimal intervention into the landscape in keeping with the philosophy of the project.

Ecology: The bathroom features a compositing waterless toilet. Water is from a well, waste water from the shower and sinks is fed into a drainage field. Soap provided is biodegradable. Electricity is supplied by a common PV array that stays clear of winter snow, minimal lighting is all LED, guests are encouraged to use candle light. Hot water is provided by an electric insta-hot tank. The cooktop is low energy induction. Insulation is stone wool. Wood boards used for siding and interior paneling are brushed and stained light grey inside and out. Cabinets are stained a pale grey. The color pallet in meant to create a relaxing interior atmosphere and form a backdrop to the natural surroundings.

Energy Concept: The energy concept is based on the principal of thermal mass, the absorption, retention and distribution of heat energy utilizing building components. The roof/ceiling structure is made from Cross Laminated Timber panels, the walls lined with wood boards and the floor construction is slab on grade. These elements retain heat generated from solar gains and human activity during the day and release it during the cool nights. Supplementary heat and additional hot water generation is provided by a wood fuelled fire place.

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